The Blacklist

Thursday 10:00 PM on NBC Premiered Sep 23, 2013 Returning September 22, 2016



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AIRED ON 5/19/2016

Season 3 : Episode 23

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An FBI fugitive, Raymond "Red" Reddington (Spader), joins the FBI in an attempt to work together and bring down criminals and terrorists. After their first victory, a list of dangerous but unknown criminals is revealed by Red. With the help of a rookie FBI profiler, Red will work to eliminate all those in "The List".


    NBC Adds The Blacklist Spin-Off Blacklist: Redemption to Lineup

    The Famke Janssen series will debut at midseason.

  • SHOCKER!!!

    Did The Blacklist Just Kill Off [SPOILER]?

    Or was it one of those magical TV fake-outs?

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    • Driven crazy by Liz's pregnancy

      Have love, loved, loved the Blacklist but it's gone right down for me since Liz's pregnancy. Why did they have to make it such a big part of the show, the ridiculous drama about her giving up the baby for adoption, baby shower discussions!! then bigger drama when she decides to keep her baby, then marry her ex again. I struggled through these episodes and sorry really struggled and wondered why we had to pander to this hugely pregnant, very overweight woman. I agree with the previous comment that there should be something in there contract to stop them ruining a series like this! I only started watching it again when I found out they had finally come to their senses and killed her then it had to be about the pregnancy. So much better without her, can't believe she's the highest paid actress of 2016. Please don't bring her back, find Spader an actress worthy of him. Let's get back to what the Blacklist was originally about and it definitely wasn't pregnant women.moreless
    • We apologise for the delay....

      While we wait for the inevitable return of Keen I have to say I'm enjoying the off-the-wall direction this show has taken. "Cape May" was a fantastic episode and a highpoint in the same way that AGENT OF SHIELD's "4,722 Hours" brought a whole new game to that show.

      Sad to say, I'm not missing Keen at all while the fabulous Spader is there to smile his threats, shoot people with no moral hand-wringing afterwards and occasionally to chew up the scenery when the plot needs a bit of a boost.

      Oh . Clearly she's in hiding to escape both her mother and Red. C'mon. We've all thought that since she "died"moreless
    • amazing

      james spader unbelivable
    • maddening. the SOLE PURPOSE for Red to exist ... WAS HIS tie to Keen

      Remove THAT tie .. and the show DOESN'T exist beyond that premise. Spader is always THE REASON to watch any show he's appeared in. BUT NOT when the main premise was meaninglessly

      SORRY showrunners; this show will slowly destruct itself. Like the clever animation at the top of the TV and movie "Mission Impossible" beginnings - this too will SELF-destruct
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