The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 22

Berlin: Conclusion

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 12, 2014 on NBC
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Berlin: Conclusion

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  • Given away by the credits

    I wonder whether the two final episodes of the first season were supposed to be one long episode. That might explain the problem of the (now) penultimate episode giving away a huge plot point. If you haven't seen the episodes, don't read on, because spoilers follow..

    In the penultimate episode a hooded figure appears on the prison plane, but we never see his face. The end credits mention (as the first guest star) Peter Stormare in the role of 'Figure'. Though not a major star, Stormare is a familiar face from film and television. The attentive viewer never saw him anywhere in that episode, so he must be the hooded figure, one of the prisoners/passengers.

    In the last episode we meet all the survivors of the crash. Not one of the prisoners interviewed is played by Stormare. The face of the guard who finds his way to the hospital is shown only briefly and whenever the show returns to his hospital room, the camera does its best to hide his features.

    When we finally see his face, it is confirmed that the guard is Stormare (though he was called 'figure' in the earlier credits). His character then proceeds to tell a story that is eerily similar in tone to that of Keyzer Sose in The Usual Suspects. By then most people will have surmised that he is the mysterious Berlin. The twists at the end don't work anymore.moreless
  • Disappointing finale

    disappointing finale where the answers we were waiting for never really came.
  • very Kaiser Soze

    The writers must be paying attention to good old fashion crime dramas. I give this a good score of 9/10 they finally got all the characters flushed out and for once Red doesn't know who the enemy is. Its weird to have Red clueless for once, but it present an interesting plot twist that there is a bad guy out there that even Red is afraid of. My bet is this Berlin character isn't just your typical bad guy. He must have a history or past with Red and changed his identity. No criminal mastermind would go through all this effort without a personal vendetta.moreless
  • "Extsened the PLOT"!

    I watched all the episodes all at once,it took about !8 hrs. Love the shows blot and the characters, also the actors. Great show! But the writers need to change the format of just having the cases mysteriously just handed over. and over to them by "Red". It's very repetitious and gets a little obvious that they are handed an assignment and then solves it in the hour of the show. PUT some more long term challenges for the team and extsend it out through out several episodes. Leave us wondering till next episode.moreless
  • Terrible ending

    Am I the only one bored of bad guys who don't do the obvious. There wasn't even a reason for Tom not to, you know... But Lizzy forgiving Reddington for killing her dad is the most stupid thing. I'm not sure what's sadder, this show, the people who rate this a 10 (whaaaatt? Did we watch the same show?) or how American TV (and Americans in general it would seem) has abandoned it's once proud "due process" and freedom for all (This is America, I get Lawyer.... lol ). it looks like you've totally accepted the disappearing of people and law enforcement officers breaking the law themselves as an OK think to happen all the time, based on this show and others like NCIS etc. Sad.moreless

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