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... NBC will not put its new hit The Blacklist in hibernation for the winter, like it did with Revolution last season. If you'll recall, when Revolution emerged from its cave this past spring it was all skin and bones, and the show's ratings plummeted as a result. NBC seems to have learned its lesson, and will air three episodes of the James Spade drama in January, starting on the 13th. However, the series will be on its own without its hefty current lead-in of The Voice, and then it will still be on hiatus over a month, so its ratings will be a stat to watch, provided you are a ratings nerd like me and have nothing better to do. How do you think The Blacklist will do without The Voice feeding it eyeballs? [THR]

... The Walking Dead's mid-season finale jumped up a bit in the ratings, grabbing 12.1 million viewers after the previous episode hit a season low with 11.29 million viewers (it aired on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so slippage was expected). This is a sizable increase over last season's mid-season finale, which drew 10.48 viewers; that's the good news. The bad news is that the episode's viewership numbers were below the current season's average of 13 million viewers. The final three episodes were the lowest-rated of the season. The lesson here is simple: The Governor should have died in Season 3. [AMC via press release]

... When you think about Halle Berry, hulking men riding through the Alps on elephants come to mind—that's just the way she's positioned her career. And so it makes sense that Berry is teaming up with History to produce the miniseries Hannibal, based not on the cannibalistic shrink, but on the North African general whose military might made him a force way back before the calendars switched over from B.C. to A.D. The series will follow Hannibal through the Second Punic War between Carthage and Rome. [Variety]

... How I Met Your Mother's 200th episode will be told from the Mother's perspective, and it will be titled "How Your Mother Met Me." Look for it in January. [TV Line]

... Get your groans ready. NBC is developing an adaptation of the 2010 film The Wolfman, probably because The Wolfman has a werewolf in it. The idea is apparently to pair the project with Grimm on Fridays, just as NBC has paired Dracula with Grimm on Fridays this season. Dracula showrunner Daniel Knauf is also behind The Wolfman, so basically everyone involved in the whole operation is just selling out to dying trends in terrible ways. [Deadline Hollywood]

... And in other "no need to innovate" news, the Weinstein Company would love to have TV shows made out of its feature films Silver Linings Playbook, Sin City, and The Mist. If we keep remaking everything from the current generation, what will the next generation have to remake? [AV Club]

... This is just a super rumor right now, but The CW might be developing a live-action drama based on the Young Justice franchise. A young superhero series on The CW? No way! [Bleeding Cool]

... NBC might also be developing a miniseries based on Elliot Ness, the dude who couldn't be touched and who took on Al Capone. The eight-hour miniseries comes from the people behind NBC's live production of The Sound of Music, which makes tons of sense. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Sleepy Hollow has cast Ichabod's dad! Alias's Victor Garber will play the senior Crane in an upcoming episode. No word on whether he'll appear in flashbacks from Ichabod's time or whether he was asleep in a hole in a ground and woke up in present day, too. [TV Line]

... Private Practice and Wings vet Tim Daly will appear in a multi-episode arc on TV Land's Hot In Cleveland. Nice knowing you, Tim. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC's midseason series Mind Games has added Vinnie Jones (The Cape) and Luis Guzman (Out of Sight; a statue on the campus of Greendale Community College) to its cast. The drama from Kyle Killen (Awake) and starring Steve Zahn and Christian Slater follows brothers who start an agency that helps clients employ the real-world sciences of manipulation and motivation. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Malcolm-Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show, Community) will join TNT's Major Crimes for a short stint. In two episodes beginning December 30, Warner will play a SIS supervisor brought in to protect Raydor's ward Rusty from his stalker. I trust you know what that all means. [TV Line]

... HBO's comedy pilot Brink has added a few faces to its cast. Pablo Schreiber—best known as The Wire's Nick Sobotka by last decade's TV elitists and Orange Is the New Black's Pornstache by this decade's TV elitists—has joined the black comedy about a nation on the cusp of World War III. He'll star alongside the previously cast Jack Black and Tim Robbins as a fighter pilot. Also joining the series are Workaholics' Maribeth Monroe and Dexter's Geoff Pierson. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Longtime New York weatherman Sam Champion is leaving Good Morning America and ABC News for the Weather Channel. He'll anchor a morning show early next year. And this wouldn't be a Sam Champion story without mentioning his greatest accomplishment: being the source of the name of pretty good indie rock band Sam Champion! [NY Daily News]

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