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    The new promo for 1x19 makes it look like the fake marriage of Tom and Liz is about to come to a head. In anticipation of that event I thought this would be a good time to reflect on television's history of "honey traps" (relationships where one party has seduced another party with ulterior motives).

    I’ve divided the examples I could think of into three groups, the first of which is “Love Has Changed Me!” These characters all fell for their marks and changed loyalties because of that love:

    Love Has Changed Me!
    1. Cole (Charmed)
    2.The Watcher/Joshua (No Ordinary Family)
    3. Simon (Covert Affairs)
    4. Athena (Battlestar Galactica)
    5. Bill (True Blood)
    6. Jason (Revolution) (Thanks Ugmiwatogla!)
    7. Jake (Scandal) (Thanks Ugmiwatogla!)
    8. Emily (Continuum) (Thanks Ugmiwatogla!)
    9. Karen (Dirty Sexy Money)

    The next two groups are “ I Love You, But My Mission Comes First!” and “I Feel A Little Bad, But I’ll Get Over It!”.

    In “I Love You, But My Mission Comes First!” the spy does have genuine feelings for their mark, but they carry out their mission regardless.

    In “I Feel A Little Bad, But I’ll Get Over It!” there is usually a touch of remorse from the spy in the relationship, but they don't hesitate to turn on their "partner" when the mission calls for it.

    I noticed two factors that seem to allow love to NOT conquer all with these couples:

    A) The mark is not the main character
    B) There was previous relationship this “couple” was standing in the way of.

    I Love You, But My Mission Comes First!
    1. Irena (Alias) - Rule A
    2. Alison (Alias) - Rule A
    3. Lauren (Alias) - Rules A and B
    4. Alt. Olivia (Fringe) - Rule B
    5. Sean (Nikita)- Rule A (Thanks Ugmiwatogla!)
    6. Becky (Scandal)- Rule A
    7. Carrie (Homeland)-EXCEPTION
    8. Brody (Homeland)-EXCEPTION
    9. Emily (Revenge, early S1)-Rules A and B (Thanks Belleforrest!)
    10. Simon (Dirty Sexy Money)- Rules A and B

    I Feel A Little Bad, But I’ll Get Over It!
    1. Tamara (Once Upon A Time) - Rules A and B
    2. Walsh (Once Upon A Time)- Rule B
    3. Regina (w/Mirror, Once Upon A Time)- Rules A and B (Thanks Sanity-Bleeds!)
    4. Philip (The Americans) - Rule B
    5. Nikita (Nikita) - Rules A and B (Thanks Ugmiwatogla!)
    6. Michael (Nikita)- Rules A and B (Thanks Ugmiwatogla!)
    7. Casandra (Nikita)- Rules A and B (Thanks Ugmiwatogla!)
    8. Emily (Revenge, S2 and beyond)-Rules A and B (Thanks Belleforrest!)

    So my question is, given that Liz is one of the show’s two main characters (thus eliminating Rule A), and has been in her marriage since the pilot (eliminating Rule B), will The Blacklist writers make Tom completely unrepentant and devoid of any feelings for Liz? Which heading do you think he’ll end up falling under?


    Can you think of an fake TV couple I missed? I'll add them when see ones that I recognize.
    Any other thoughts on Tom and Liz or any of these other couples?
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