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I just love the speculations here so i thought id join in with some thoughts :)

Two surprising facts about the 1990 incident that might be worth looking into:

For me the most interesting of the many questions the show raised is what exactly happened on that Christmas Eve in 1990 though - I think the answer to that is also the key to the other major puzzles. Two things that are especially surprising about it based on what we know so far:

1. Red himself doesn't seem to know what exactly happened - see when he pays a visit to Diane Fowler and shoots her after he says that he'd want to know the truth about what happened to his family more than anything but that he's confident that if she knows, someone else does too. So assuming he was there himself and found a bloodbath, whats the mystery to him? Who ordered and/or carried out the attack or if a member of his family is possibly still alive?

2. The official story which the FBI seems to believe in as well is that he abandoned his wife and daughter that day. Thats obviously not consistent with Reds grief and the out of gas story he tells Madeline Pratt, the farmer story, blowing up their old family home because the memory haunts him, wanting to find out the truth about what happened to his family, etc so the abandonment is a cover story. Which brings us to: Why didn't anyone in the post office try to look into Reds past before he turned career criminal or even contact his family (if he simply abandoned them they would most likely be alive somewhere)?

Apparently that hasn't even occurred to Liz yet, who should have the greatest interest in the matter, especially since she even wonders if he might be her father. Probably it was covered up by someone very high up the latter, such as for example the people Fitch works for, so there might also be not much to find but bullet-proof lies, maybe Red also wouldn't want Liz to look into it for now, but I'm hoping it will come up at some point.

I don't care if the conclusion is a big surprise, i care about whether it makes sense

A lot of people commented that they would be disappointed if the conclusion was all too obvious after all the riddles game the show played so well, but I'm actually hoping that whatever the conclusion it will on the contrary be convincing enough.

Many of the less predictable options (Liz being Reds niece etc) would in fact be pretty anti-climatic imo - to justify all the scenes so far in 1990 something really profound should have happened. It could still be that reds wife died but that he was able to save his daughter (Liz) and give her to Sam and that he is grieving about the loss of his wife and that he was forced to miss out on Liz' childhood to protect her, but for me so far everything strongly points to him really being a father grieving about the death of his daughter.

Similarly, there are only two options which would convincingly explain why Red cares so deeply about Liz since then:

Either she is his daughter after all (He would have all the reasons to deny it - a) to protect her as well as himself, had to think of Anslo Garrick situations there, e.g. when someone finds out she is his daughter they would know his weakness, could get everything from him and he would thereby also put Liz in great danger and get her harmed, and b) because he might be afraid of how she would react to it - its too early, she might be in denial, or shocked, or want nothing to do with him at all, or be ashamed of being a criminals daughter and in emotional turmoil, and so on)

Or, and thats the only other scenario i can think of in which she would matter that much to him and he'd do anything to protect her: He killed her father and wants to make amends for it or at least protect her as he couldn't protect his own daughter. Both would explain why he couldn't let Sam tell Liz the truth and why there was such a long pause when he said 'No.' to being her father on the phone.

What i like about The Blacklist most of all (is James Spader, obviously, but i meant, like, apart from James Spader) is the mix of traditional (usually very) entertaining case action while we still don't know what any of the characters are really all about and still cant answer the most basic questions about the main story arc despite all those clues elegantly delivered in every single episode. I absolutely agree that the mysteries are what makes the storyline so well written and watching the show so much fun, but i personally wouldn't mind if after all this Red turns out to have been Liz father all along, because if that really were so terribly predictable - people wouldn't be discussing about it all over the internet.

So - whats your take on what happened in 1990 and why ? :)

PS - Probably everyone who ever saw an episode of The Blacklist has already mentioned how amazingly good James Spader is, but i really have to say this again:
Spader is absolutely brilliant, haven't seen such charisma and mad acting skills in a long time and i love Raymond Reddington - just got to. &3
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