A The Blacklist Community
Monday 10:00 PM on NBC (Returning September 22nd, 2014)
Now the first season of The Blacklist is over we are left with a lot of questions that need answering. I will put them up in the following weeks so you can think about them and vote what you think is either the reason, the perpetrator or the result.

This season we have seen a lot of developments playing out over the whole season, although we didn’t know they turn out to be. For instance we came to know that Tom, of whom we understand he is the girls favourite, is not who he seemed to be. Since we saw he had a secret stash of passports and a gun, we’ve known that there may be way more to this sweet, personable husband than meets the eye.

A second issue that bugged us the whole season was the adoption of a child. In the end, it didn’t work out because after dealing with an illegal adoption ring (in The Cyprus Agency), Liz decided not to adopt a child, driving an even larger wedge between her and her husband.

But the question that was never answered in the first place, was why Liz couldn’t get pregnant by her double crossing two timing husband/double agent. And I am wondering why.

I can think of a few possible answers, but the most cowardly would be that the writers just didn’t want her to be pregnant as it would harm the show. And although it isn’t of any concern for the question, I also seem to remember they were only married for two years. That might be a bit early to be able to adopt, but I am not sure. But it would fit in the fact that the writers just wanted it as an issue, logical or not.

But if we combine all the facts and know that Tom, the evil husband, only saw it as an assignment, he probably didn’t want her to become pregnant at all. That only would have complicated everything. So, if we combine it all, we get the answer I believe to be true: Tom faked all his orgasms.

What do you think?