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Did Red used to work for Fitch?

In 1x20 Red tells Fitch that he knew him better than either of them would like to admit. In Anslo Garrick (Conclusion) Fitch says that he "always liked" Red and that he hasn't seen him in 20 years. Their relationship must have preceded Red's criminal career. I believe Red used to work for Fitch and that is how he ended up with damning evidence to use against him.


When did Red start working for Fitch?

The question remains whether or not he worked for Fitch before or after the incident in 1990. I believe he started working for them before 1990 because of Sam. Red tells Liz that Sam was his friend for all of her life. Assuming Liz is at least 26 that's at least two years before the attack on his family. Despite this association during the non-criminal part of Red's life, the FBI couldn't find a link between Red and Sam. They had to have known each other in a way that could not traced, so their being partners in Fitch's organization makes sense. It would also explain why Red felt safe leaving Liz with Sam and telling Sam the truth about Liz's past.


What is the goal of Fitch's group?

I don't think the official goal of Fitch's group is an evil one because Red used to work for them back when he was still a loyal American. Fitch also postulates that the attack on the Post Office may have been the work of "a patriot". I think they were probably founded as an international collaboration of government power players working together to keep WWIII from breaking out. I suspect they've done some very shady things to that end, making deals with criminals, trading classified intelligence and that is that dirt that Red has.


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