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I was watching Afterbuzz TV on YouTube the other day and one of the show's hosts made the prediction that Liz would discover she is pregnant by the end of the season. My initial reaction was "no way" because The Blacklist is not an ABC drama/soap (no disrespect intended to that genre). Liz can't be running around doing her Blacklister catching stuff with a baby bump! Then I paused, thought about it some more, and realized they could actually make it work.

Points in favor:
-The writers had Liz restate that she recently had sex with Tom. With the turmoil that she has been going through lately, it is possible that birth control may have slipped her mind.

-Liz has been acting very emotional lately, making impulsive moves that are none too smart, for example running into the National Archives when Red's team is already in place. She also seems to being having noticeable mood swings during her conversations with Red and Tom in "The Pavlovich Brothers".

-This show has made a very big deal about family and parent-child relationships. Liz being pregnant with Tom's child would be one more way to explore that theme.

-It's one more way to keep Tom in Liz's orbit. His reaction to the news could potentially reveal interesting things about his character.

-Liz's dilemma of deciding whether or not to keep the baby would lend itself to further explorations of what happened to Liz when she was a child and what happened to Red's family.

-They could handle the pregnancy story-line in many different ways without it disrupting the show. Liz could abort, she could miscarry, they could use the mid-winter break to time jump through the waddling stages of the pregnancy. If they don't want Liz to have a newborn at home Liz could tearfully give up the baby for adoption because her life is too dangerous to bring a child into it.

Overall I say there is a 50/50 chance they go this route.

What do you think?


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