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The one with all the glaring plotholes, which was still well worth watching

I'm really enjoying this show so far, but it's clearly carried by the actors/characters and not the plot.

Yes, I'm looking forward to learning more about Keen's husband and just what the relationship between Reddington and her are, but the plot moves at, well, the speed of plot. :p

In the first episode, it was revealed that Keen was actually the daughter of a career criminal, something that was clearly not included in her file (which had been through the usual background checks and is clearly undergoing a more thorough vetting now), and yet it was conveniently ignored and dropped.

In this episode, Reddington was asked - under polygraph - if he had been convicted of a crime, and he DID NOT ANSWER. According to the background presented during the pilot, he was a promising career military man with a clean record before he suddenly disappeared.
At the end of that episode, he stated that "everything about me is a lie" or some such.

It is clear the show is trying to tease us with the idea that Red is Keen's father, while still leaving it open - I'm kind of hoping they won't go there (as it's too obvious), but they are certainly setting the scene:

It is possible that Reddington is NOT the paragon naval officer who suddenly went over to the dark side, but instead a criminal who took a new identity when he disappeared; with his extensive contacts it is not inconceivable that he had fingerprints and such on file substituted.
In which case yes, he may well have been convicted of a crime in the past.

As for why Keen doesn't recognize/remember him - there is clearly trauma in her past, there was talk of a fire (or at least something which gave her the burnt scar), and it's not impossible that she believes her father died decades ago and is unable to connect her childish memories (perhaps suppressed by trauma) with the reality of Reddington today.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out - is he her father, are they related in some other way, was he perhaps involved in the fire/accident/attack which gave her the scar, and was there something in that event which sent him over to the dark side?

So many questions!
And I am honestly looking forward to seeing some of them answered, in due time. :)
For now, I'll stick around to watch Spader be suave and snarky, and anything else is a bonus. :D

Other high/low points in today's episode:

Why would her husband walk around with a file containing JUST his interview about her in his pocket? Why would the agency give him a copy of their tape? Made NO SENSE; I understand the desire to keep us guessing about him, but the way they introduced the "evidence" of how he feels about her was contrived and felt fake.

The Freelancer, for once dropping his usual methods of faking an accident. COULD be attributed to direct/specific orders from Reddington, but still seems strange that he would TAKE such a mission, going COMPLETELY against his usual M.O.

The twist with the human rights activist - nicely done! I honestly didn't see that one coming.

Running away from the FBI just to show up in the van, just because he could? Classy, Reddington, classy!

Hard-ass CIA bitch - yes ma'am, can we have some more, please?

Taking out TWO people on his list at the same time? Nicely done!

New bodyguards? Intriguing - looking forward to learning more about them!
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