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Monday 10:00 PM on NBC (Returning September 22nd, 2014)
So we're getting towards the end of the "First four" that many TV critics judge the new shows by. And I have to say, I think I'll be sticking around for The Blacklist.

I can't quite pinpoint just WHAT makes it so interesting to me, since I'm regularly rolling my eyes because of plot-holes, strange plot devices, overacting and other "no-no's" - but it is. Interesting, that is.
They've managed to walk a fine line between suspense and annoyance with the Daddy-plot and the Hubby-plot, and that's not bad - Keen is actually behaving moderately logically in both, in my opinion; as soon as she discarded the idea of bringing in or confronting her husband, she started digging (and I liked the scene where she got the bullet, nicely done!), and as far as Reddington goes, she's trying to dig more out of him the only way she knows how. The kicker with the ballistics report (CLASSIFIED!) and what it means ("This goes all the way to the Secretary of Defence!") was a good hook for whatever hubby-plot will follow next.

I'm becoming more and more certain that Red is NOT Keen's father, but that there is a connection between them nevertheless, and my interest in Red's origin is escalating too. Apparently, the history between him and Keen Sr. is too complicated to just put out there, but it's clearly an emotional minefield of some sort; he seems to feel Keen is someone really important to him personally, and when the chips were down during this weeks' case, he stepped between her and an aimed gun, and didn't hesitate to kill when she was at risk. Yes, his own safety was tied to hers, but I got the impression he was more concerned for HER safety than his own.
Popular theories now: Red is her uncle, Keens father was the one who turned Red to the Dark Side, Keen's father accidentally pulled Red into a life of crime (by accidentally framing him for selling national secrets?), Red killed Keens' father - these are but a few.

Favourite moments: Red spinning a story about how he acquired his DARPA-chip - "taken hostage by Somalian pirates [...] but the third week was quite pleasant...". :D
Keen getting a bullet from the gun she found in her hubby's stash - clever girl!
Sneaky guys installing sneaky surveillance stuff in Keen's home - and sneaking around to avoid discovery like a game of hide-and-seek, cartoon-style.
Red stepping in front of Keen when she was being threatened with a gun - survival or protective instinct?
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