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Too much, too soon.

Ok. I didn't quite see that coming.
So - Keen's husband confronted HER.
And she called the FBI - or rather, the not-FBI that she's now working for.
I have to admit, I'm a bit confused - yes, it's a joint taskforce, yes, they hang out in weird black sites, but I thought it was still an FBI operation.
Apparently, not so much.

Anyway - much confusion ensued. And some illogical twists and turns. And some sneaky bits, and some backstabbing, and a lot of dubious statements and testimonies all around.
The short version:
Keen takes her husband in to be questioned. Everybody questions her loyalty. She runs to Red, to cry bitter tears on his comforting shoulder. Well, maybe not literally, but, you know - in essence.
Red tells her to go find Gina Zanetakos, a modern day corporate terrorist-slash-assassin, because she can provide more answers about Tom.
Gina is a gung ho, kickass chick who likes to blow things up, and doesn't mind killing dads who are going to be Very Late for picking up their kids from their piano lessons.
THAT's how bad she is.
And she takes down Agent Ressler (who has a shiny new stick up his *** again), which was pretty cool.

With continued help from Red - telling his favourite little not-so-FBI Agent that Gina is really Tom's lover - being All There for poor, grieving, confused Keen, they track down the bombmaker who built the bomb Gina is trying to smuggle into the US, and convince him to give her a call. They follow the lead and manage to corner Gina, only to have Ressler shoot her "just because" she was trying to strangle Keen at the time.
Come on, man, show some restraint!
Because NOW they have a dirty bomb set to go off somewhere in the US in a matter of hours, no way to prove that Mr. Keen is innocent, and a seriously pissed Agent Keen to deal with.

Our female heroine shows off her brainiac powers again by remembering Red's phone conversation from earlier in the episode, cleverly (almost supernaturally so,) piecing together the puzzle and figuring out where the car-that-is-a-bomb is hidden.
To the rescue!
Ressler redeems himself somewhat by driving the Nuke!Mobile into the harbour in order to "contain the blast", diving out of the car at the last moment and saving the Free World as we know it.
Or Houston, at least.

Gina survives, confesses to the mystical murder of the Russian defector at the Angel Station hotel that Tom was suspected of committing, claims no knowledge of him, and points at RED as the man who hired her to take out the target.
Keen, who has spent the episode wailing and weeping in Red's supportive arms (ok, still figuratively, but they DID hold hands at one point!), explodes all over him (hello, it's just been a few episodes since he reminded her that ALL CRIMINALS LIE, and now, just because he said "You can always trust me" you're going to do that?!?), and goes home with her beau for some much needed cuddle-time.
But not before he recognizes a picture of some Mystery Man from the task force white board as another piece in the puzzle, leaving us a) even more confused, and b) even more convinced that he was set up, not just "accidentally at the wrong place at the wrong time".

And our mystery surveillance team finished off the episode by stating that Tom was NOT working for Red, which made THEM even more confused as to WHO he was working for. But they seemed pretty certain he WAS working for SOMEONE...

Take a deep breath. Count to ten. And see if your brain is trying to leak out through your ears right now.
I know mine is.
That was just a bit too much plot, packed together in a more than slightly confusing manner.
I was seriously expecting them to draw out the Tom-plot more, but instead they drove it forward-and-through - he's been interrogated and reseached, the FBI cleared him - but the surveillance team (and Red) still want us to believe that he's involved in something sinister.

Items of interest:
- The box Keen found at Gina's place seemed completely identical to Tom's hidden stash. Did the same person make them? Did the same person teach them to keep one?
- There's a giant plot surrounding the murder at the Agent Station hotel - I can actually buy that Red ordered the hit (the moment Gina started talking about the defector messing up shipments...), but why go to such trouble to make sure Tom was there, and who was the Mystery Man posing as the school's representative running the job interview?
- Tom didn't seem eager to have Keen call in the FBI to clear him, but he didn't seriously try to stop her either - IS he innocent (I doubt it ;) ) or was he just that sure that his cover would hold?
- Red's trustworthiness - do we buy it? Sure, he seems to want to protect Keen from lethal dangers, but he's also using their "partnership" to further his own financial agenda, and we don't know if his stories surrounding Tom are true, a version of the truth, or complete fabrication.
I'm going with the middle option - I think Tom's hinky, but not necessarily the way Red presents it. And, of course, my biggest weakness: I WANT to believe Red, because he's too cool to be all bad. ;)

All in all - utterly confused by this episode (may need to watch again), but still looking forward to watching the plot unfold!
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