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This evening we will have the penultimate episode of The Blacklist. We are left with a huge number of questions that can not possibly be answered in two episodes of 42 minutes of television that are left to us. So we’re happy that it has been renewed and we hope to get all the answers we want in that second season.

We (@edshrinker and I) have a list of about 50 questions that popped in our heads and which we felt should be answered this season. But we decided not to put them up (in one post) as we didn’t want the producers to be alarmed to what we all would like to know. However, there is one that was haunting us and we would like your opinion on it:

Should the wig that Megan Boone is wearing be given credit in the opening sequence?

In the opening credit we see all that is so important to the show and there might be some reasons why the wig should be included:
  • It has been discussed over and over on the Internet over the last year giving The Blacklist much of the attention it needed;
  • It’s acting ensures we do not see how badly the acting by Megan Boone sometimes is. A comment I read said it all: “I can barely concentrate on the show due to the horrible wig”. This off course is partial because Megan is really inexperienced and partial because everyone in the series seems bleak next to the exceptional genius of James Spader. The wig saved the series;
James Spader, by the way, is (as can be read in so many comments on my post asking you If I should continue watching The Blacklist), for many the most important reason we watch the show at all.
  • Although we didn’t know for sure in the first episodes, we now know it is a series regular;
  • It has relevance to the direction of the show otherwise they would have given us her own hair or changed her hairdo during the season;
  • There have been other series where assets like castles have been included in the credits;
  • I understand that it isn’t alive, as usually defined by the ‘seven characteristics of a living thing’, but it sometimes seems to be a bit alive as if it would just crawl away from her head;
We do not need or want to talk about the question if we should like the wig, it just is a given. That question already has been discussed on several other sites like here and in general two thirds of the voters would like her to have her own short hair.

Though it is not important, I can’t deny you the pleasure how Megan looks with the her own hair and with the wig.

Having read the evidence and having thought about it, what do you think? Should the wig that Megan Boone is wearing be given credit in the opening sequence because it is such an important and influential asset to the show?


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