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"Welcome to Dumpsville...population, you!"

I was REALLY hoping for Tom to get shot in the face but I suppose three gut shots will do. There's a joke about "a woman scorned", but this falls more under the, "that's what you get" category. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

After the reveal of Tom's mission, motives and alleigences, I didn't think he served much of a long term purpose going forward. Adding a Liz hunting down Tom story arc seemed redundant and unlike Berlin vs Red and Red vs The Blacklist, there wasn't going to be much payoff. What else could Tom say that wasn't already said during his face to face with Liz a few episodes back?

So, Tom's dead and Agent Keen is DC's latest eligible bachelorette and I think all, or at least enough, information is in to do a post mortem (Ha!) on the whole, "Did Tom love Liz" debate that's been going on for some time.

In his last display of affection, he took Liz hostage and used her as a human sheild with a gun pointed to her head. That's true love right there...err...right? Okay, so maybe it's not. But an after the fact, when it was too late to do anything about it, he did say he was sorry. Well, that changes everything then. And with his, "Your father is still alive" deathbed confessional, Tom might just have confirmed that he's one of the biggest dicks on TV with one last f*ck you on his way out. That is presuming he knew that Red was Liz's father (IF he is), seriously dude, not cool.

So, we add this to all of the horrible things Tom has done to Liz from the moment he met her and I think it definitely answers the questions regarding his feelings towards her.

Did Tom love Liz? HELL no! There's no reasonable person who can see and qualify Tom's actions as love.

Did Tom care for Liz? Sure, Tom didn't want to kill her. Or more likely, he have VERY strict orders not to kill her. But still, that might qualify as a level of caring. Tom cares for Liz much in the same way I care for an inmate sitting on death row. I care enough in that I don't want them to be killed, but that's about it.

Much of this is predicated on the notion that Tom's final slump was his actual death and his body being gone was for Liz's protection. Cause if he's not and shows up again down the road...UGH! As fun as The Blacklist is most of the time and as entertaining as James Spader's performances are, if that happens, I might just pull the chute on this show right then and there.
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