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*Warning: Spoilers For Beyond The Blacklist 1x17*

Given that we're on hiatus...again...I thought it would be a good time to revisit an old mystery from 1x14, that never really got explored because we'd yet to have confirmation about Tom's spy status. Now that we do know that Tom is a spy sent to investigate Red's and Liz's relationship, Tom's trip to Nebraska for the job interview takes on new meaning.

What was Tom up to on his trip to Nebraska?

My Opinion: I think Tom was up to more in Nebraska than watching "Real Housewives" in his hotel room. Being out there without Liz would have been a great opportunity for Tom the spy to snoop into Sam's family without arousing suspicion. I think he paid a visit to Aunt June and discovered something in Sam's things that has clued him in considerably to the Red/Liz mystery.


What did Tom find?

According to Beyond The Blacklist 1x17, Tom has discovered something about Liz that he doesn't want her to know about. Nothing that Tom told Jolene seemed like it would be earth-shattering news to Liz, so I'm guessing whatever it is hasn't been revealed yet.


Why didn't he share this information with Jolene?

My Opinion: I think Tom has been keeping a lot of stuff about Liz to himself in order to protect her. The fact that Liz's scar wasn't up on that board, and it wasn't mentioned makes me believe that Berlin doesn't know about it. Tom deflects Jolene when she asks Liz's cases. He sees the pattern, which was how he was able to make the connection between Wuijing, The Alchemist and Jolene, but he hasn't shared what he knows to delay the next phase of this war.


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