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I just want to rant about how much I hate these two.

I mean, I individually hate each one of them, but together Liz and Tom make me want to pull my hair out!

And I hate myself for waiting for something to happen with their stupid story line. Last night for example after Liz tells Tom (SPOILER ALERT) that she doesn't want to adopt anymore I thought he was going to finally snap and the next scene would be Liz tied to a chair and him going all psychotic on her.

But nooooooo.

Is there any chance in hell that their story will be played out to finality during this season?

Is there any chance in heaven that the actress that plays Liz will be replaced for next season?
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Mar 03, 2014
Red and Liz have to be father and daughter, nothing else makes sense. Of course not much does make sense on TV, so....
Jan 30, 2014
No, it's ok to hate them both, but yeah Tom...well... I was hoping him and his weird face was dead at the beginning of the show. Liz is more complicated, as she's the main character of the show, but flat in comparison to Spader. In fact, most of the parts of the episode not involving Spader often feeling like snoozefests. At least in Fringe the female lead was a bit more intruiging to watch.
Jan 29, 2014
The blacklist is a procedural with individual cases with a long mystery arc to hook you in so they would not reveal too many things so soon. In this day and age, such series would not work except this is the James Spader show which kept it going.
Jan 28, 2014
I feel you completely. I hate them too. Everytime they appear I wish more Diego Klattenhoff and his weird storyline with his ex. I don't know if the actress isn't getting her character right or if she just can't act around more than one face since I haven't seen her in anything else but they need to do something about her. We as viewers are not supposed to root actively for the demise of the main character. Be annoyed or wish for her to have less screentime but actually wish to watch her gruesome death I don't think so.
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