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Question 1) Why did Tom abduct Liz?

Meera and Cooper were both attacked, but Liz got kidnapped. Tom had no idea Red was at the warehouse, so why was he bringing her back there? I believe, because of Liz's scar that Berlin and Liz are biologically related, and for that reason he didn't plan to kill her. This explanation would explain Tom's prior insistence that he was never there to hurt her and that he is a "good guy".


Question 2) Why does it take Tom so long to shoot at Red once Red drops his gun?

Tom is a badass spy, yet he seems very indecisive about what move to make.


Question 3) Why was Red so insistent that they couldn't leave Tom alive?

Tom wasn't an immediate threat and if they saved his life and then arrested him, that could lead to answers about the real Berlin, which at that point Red knew wasn't the man in the chair. I believe Red wanted to keep Tom from spilling secrets about Liz's past that he didn't want her to know.


Question 4) Was Tom really sorry?

I think this is pretty open to interpretation. Tom knew he was dying and dying people tend to have regrets about the bad things they've done. On the hand Tom could be playing Liz one last time, because he knows without her help, he is not making it out of that room alive.


Question 5) Were Tom's "last words" to Liz really that her father was alive?

I have no doubt that he did talk to her about her father, but I think it is possible he told her that Red was her father. In 1x06 Red leaves a coffee cup behind on Tom's table. Tom could have easily run a DNA test and learned the truth that way.


Question 6) What happened to Tom?

I don't think Tom is dead, because there would be no reason for his body to be gone. If a cleaner had been hired to remove evidence of Tom, he or she would have taken care of the blood stains. I'm convinced that there is no way Tom got out of there without Liz's help. With the rate that he was bleeding out the odds some else arriving in time to save him are pretty slim. Liz had the motivation to save him, because 1) she obviously felt conflicted about shooting him and 2) Tom made it clear that he has answers she wants.


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May 21, 2014
Of course Tom is not dead...., Hey, If that guy "G" from NCIS:Los Angeles can survive all those bullets from the Russians in that episode before the series premier..... then why can't Tom survive a couple of shots in the gut?
May 20, 2014
This is easily one of my favorite shows this season!!
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