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As I re-watched "The Courier" in my efforts to weather The Blacklist hiatus, I realized that I had missed an interesting clue about Liz's past. I'd already noted that Red's conversation with Newton revealed that Liz is somehow connected to Red's plan for the Adversary. What I missed was that Red did not always know EVERYTHING about Liz value to the Adversary. He tells Newton, "Things are more complicated than we ever could have imagined." This implies Red only recently learned something regarding the Adversary and Liz that "complicates" things. What has Red learned about Liz and the Adversary that "complicates" things?

1) The Liz's biological relationship with the Adversary.

Red obviously knew Liz as a child, but that doesn't necessarily mean he knew who her family was. If Red's wife hid her past from him, he could still be Liz's biological father and not have been aware that Liz had a criminal grandfather/grandmother/uncle/aunt.

If Red adopted her, Liz's true parentage might have been a mystery to him. He could have been given the baby a la Heroes' Noah Bennett, without any explanation. He could have come across Liz on a mission, left behind by the criminals he had been tracking, and not known who the child belonged to.

2) The Adversary wants to recruit Liz into his/her organization.

Red could have been aware of Liz's connection to the Adversary, but not known until recently that he/she had any plans to reconnect with her. Perhaps when he made Tom as a spy he realized that Liz had enough value to Adversary that she was being assigned a guard/watcher.


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