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What we know:

-Red was enraged by the Stewmaker's disposal of Berlin's daughter.

-Berlin holds Red responsible for what happened to his daughter and wants him to suffer.

-Berlin has never given the order to kill Red. This could be because he wants to prolong Red's suffering or he might want more answers that Red has.

-Rumors circulated in Russia that Berlin's daughter fell in love with a dissent and she was thrown in a work camp.

-Berlin arranged her escape and she wound up in America.

Why Does Berlin Blame Reddington For the Death of His Daughter?

Option 1) Berlin made a deal with the US government or the Alliance to have his daughter protected in the US and Red was the officer assigned to the case who failed to protect her.

Option 2) Red was "the dissent" who honey trapped Berlin's daughter in the first place.

Option 3) Red orchestrated the information leak on Berlin's daughter and the dissent to force Berlin to make a deal with them.

Option 4) He thinks Red murdered her. Berlin may believe this, but I don't think this is the truth.

Option 5) He thinks Red sold or leaked her location to Berlin's enemies. Berlin may believe this, but I don't think this is the truth, unless of course they used Red's family as leverage.