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While I was re-watching S1 I noticed that there seem to be a number mistakes made by the writers where the small details of the show seem to contradict one another. These mix-ups may seem minor, but in a show where small details are often scrutinized it worries me that they aren't more careful, particularly about their timeline info. If it is that hard for the writers to keep track of the details they should hire a rabid fan to do it for them. I certainly would volunteer...

1) The calls to the Apple Man.

In 1x10 Aram states that someone has been making calls from inside the Post Office to the Apple Man and yet neither of the two moles the writers revealed could have made those calls. I thought prior to the finale that the writers were holding back a final mole for dramatic effect, but Meera was cleared by Teddy and Cooper was exonerated by his conversations with Agent Martin. I suppose if they wanted they could have Aram or Ressler be guilty, but I'd have trouble buying it.

2) Liz raised herself?

In the Pilot Liz claims to have "raised herself" and yet she is later shown to have a great relationship with her adoptive father Sam, who has been her Dad since she was four.

3) Elizabeth "Scott" Keen?

The interrogator in 1x02 says Liz's full name is Elizabeth Scott Keen. Liz was adopted by Sam Milhoan when she was four, so where exactly does the "Scott" part of her name come from? Does Liz believe that Scott was her biological father's last name and she kept it? Why wouldn't Sam have changed it after he adopted her? Why wouldn't Liz have changed it, considering the backstory she believes about her biological family (that they abandoned her/died of weakness) and how she identifies Sam as "Daddy"? Maybe there is more to this than we know, but until someone explains it to me I'm calling it a goof .

4) Ellie The Teacher or Ellie The Realtor?

In 1x03 friend "Ellie" arrives and tells Tom and Liz she got someone to cover her classes, implying she works with Tom at the school, however later Liz offers Jolene the number of a realtor friend named "Ellie". Does Liz have two friends named Ellie or were the writers simply not paying attention?

5) Driving in from Rochester?

In 1x07 Tom recalls the first night they spent in their house, and how they were driving in from Rochester. This is weird because they were supposedly living in New York City (where Liz was working with the emergency psych unit) at this time. Liz's extended family lives in Nebraska, and Tom (for obvious reasons) wouldn't be visiting his family, so why were they driving from there?

6) It's A GIrl! It's A Boy?!

In the pilot Liz comes home to find the house decorated with balloons and a sign that reads "It's a Girl", yet in the Cyprus Agency Liz is cooing over the ultrasound of a baby boy ("Let's just face it, I'm in love with him"). What is with the gender flip?

7) Meeting Tom in Georgetown?

Liz tells Jolene in Mako Tanika she moved from "up north" one year ago, and she was there for THREE years. According to the pilot she was working in New York prior to reassignment to DC. How then was she meeting Tom in a Georgetown cafe on July 9th 2010? Was she on vacation and Tom was also supposedly on vacation?



Can you think of a goof I missed?

Are there any goofs here you have an explanation for?

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