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I love The Blacklist, but no show is perfect, and over the course of the first ten episodes the writers have definitely made choices that made no sense whatsoever.

Here are my Top Ten, in order of stupidity:

1) Nobody has done a DNA test on Liz and Red.

2) The FBI has dozens of armed guards watching Red while they are in a highly secured facility and he is in a nearly impenetrable box, but they leave him totally untended in an unsecured hospital room with a window.

3) Cooper telling Liz her actions will be taken under review, because she surrendered her weapon during a hostage situation. The fact that Liz isn't prepared to be a field agent isn't news. SHE told you herself in WUIJING and your response was "Do it for America!" When she does finally mess up (although not nearly as much as Ressler on a regular basis) your response is to reprimand her? Seriously? Where was your reprimand for sending a total of two agents to capture a bio terrorist? Where was Ressler's reprimand for charging into an the site of a bio attack without a hazmat suit, instead of going after Barnes? Also let's be real: Liz worked cases after stabbing Red in the neck with a pen and while her husband was being investigated as being a potential spy. To pretend she is anything but untouchable while Red's deal is in place is ridiculous.

4) Liz handing over her witness to a random guy who says he is a US Marshall without checking his credentials, especially after Red told her that something was going to go wrong at the trial.

5) Nobody asks Tom how he found the box in the floor.

6) Tom and Liz scheduling an adoption meeting on Liz's first day at the FBI.

7) The FBI can scramble helicopters to pick up Liz on her first day of work, but not to catch terrorists, apparently.

8) Red needs the fact he is an FBI informant to stay a secret and yet he dramatically turns himself in the crowded lobby of the Hoover Building.

9) Red gives a super long explanation about Anslo rather than immediately heading for the exits the second he hears his name.

10) Red smothers his beloved friend Sam with a pillow, rather than giving him an overdose of morphine. I get you need to protect Liz from the truth, Red, but Sam deserved better.


Any other moments of stupidity I missed? Please share them below!
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