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Ok, so we've had our "more questions than answers" mid-season finale, which really only handed us a lot of vague clues and possible lies and let us continue to spin our crazy theories.

But what seems to be fairly certain is that Red is currently in the wind, and the whole taskforce will be devoted to hunting him down (kind of like the old days for him).

The boxes in Lizzie's sitting room first made me think she was actually packing up to move with Tom (which would be a BAD IDEA, and also crazy), but the bunny rabbit makes me think she might only be sorting through old stuff and old memories because something prompted her question to Red ("Are you my father?"). I'm going with that version.

- What will happen as we segue into the next half of the season?
- Will they devote an episode (or more) to hunting down Red?
- Will something happen to Liz, prompting Red to come running back?
- Does Red just need a little time to put himself back together, and make sure Crowley's posse isn't on his back for the time being - or is he thinking of dropping his Black List-project to stay off the radar?
- Will Liz do the smart thing and TEST Red's DNA?!?
- Will they flush out the mole, or will that remain a potent threat throughout the season?

Where do YOU think they'll go?
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