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Mr. Fitch dropped few clues for us in the mid-season finale about the missing years of Red's life. We learned Fitch last saw Red right at the beginning of Red's life of crime. We also know Red set up a safety net for himself, ensuring the release of certain secrets, if he turned up dead. Fitch seems to know Red well, from before his criminal days. They made some kind of an arrangement where they don't interfere with Red, so long as he keeps their secrets.

As I see it there are three options:

1) Red was abducted by the Adversary and spent the four years in captivity, before being rescued by Fitch's shady government organization.

2) Red was abducted by Fitch's shady government organization and spent four years in their custody before they released him/he escaped.

3) Red spent the first four years trying to track the Adversary on his own, but ultimately realized the plan wasn't working and that he'd need to build a powerful organization of his own to have a chance of succeeding. He arranged a meeting with Fitch to blackmail him into giving him the intel he needed to start his business.


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