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Love him or hate him or go to a drag show with him, no one denies that Hoover built the FBI into the most powerful law enforcement agency in the United States. And one of the main tools he used to accomplish that was carefully crafting the agency's image.

Now I'm not on here to hate on The Blacklist. With all its stupidity, I'm actually quickly hating that I'm beginning to LOVE the show! To list the things that are so wrong (a military helicopter hovering a few hundred feet over a brownstone in Georgetown) would take all day. So let's skip all that. To mention that Agent Borg Queen's husband, Mr. Wet-Panties/Possible Killer, says "I understand" and "Sorry" in every other sentence is something for another day.

But even though the FBI seems to only exist so Red can make it look stupid, does it have to be THIS stupid?

Last I checked, it is very difficult to become an FBI agent. And I know this just a TV show, but com'on! Agent Growling MacStereotype has only three ways to think: complain, threaten, then reluctantly agree. It never crosses his mind to use the vast resources of the FBI to quietly dig up what Red is really after. And his superiors are even worse. They think in two modes: No-We-Won't/We-Have-No-Choice-But-Agree. When Agent Borg Queen actually accidentally fell into accessing highly classified material, the bosses -- who answer to the Attorney General -- just decide to keep an eye on her. Really? A potential serious breach of NATIONAL security, and posting agents outside her house it the best they can do.

Then there was "The Stewmaker." I was doing fine until Red kills the Stewmaker, the FBI and SWAT bust in a minute too late, and no one treats the cabin as a major crime scene. I was waiting for an agent, any agent, to say: "Uh, yeah. There's a body dissolving in acid in the other room. Shouldn't we, you know, not to be picky, but, um -- investigate? It IS in our agency name. What? Oh, Red said he killed himself. Well, case closed!"

Of course it's just a TV show. But after decades of crime shows ranging from "Hill Street Blues" to "Law & Order" to "C.S.I.," either the writers believe the viewers are stupid, or are counting on the idea that we don't care that the FBI is that stupid.

Again, I do like to show (thank you James Spader). but if had been around when J. Edgar was still around, the FBI agents would have been the smartest people in the room (and weekly beating up on Red). The FBI agents don't have to be creative geniuses in this show (like in "The X-Files"), but stop making them look like they can't walk and chew gum at the same time without Red telling them how.
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