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Oct 15, 2014
The Blacklist Season 2, Episode 4 Review: No. 82: Dr. Linus Creel
Edit: Ok, this is hilarious (to me, at least). When I watched the episode, the first time they mentioned the special gene I heard "WORRIER", not warrior. So, for the rest of the episode, my brain just went with what it had already categorized and I watched the whole episode - and wrote my review - thinking that people who couldn't handle stress and tended to become unbalanced because of it were "Worriers".
It sort of made sense at the time, you know?
But hey - at least it's way cooler if Lizzie is a Warrior, rather than a worrywart. ;)

Ok, this was one of those episodes where I don't quite know what to think.
Did I like it? Well, I didn't DISLIKE it (how can I dislike anything with James Spader being awesome in it?) but I'm not sure I LIKED it either.

The cool ...Read more
Oct 14, 2014
The Blacklist: Is "Jennifer" the REAL Jennifer Reddington?
After adding the information revealed in last night's to what we've already learned in past episodes I have come to one inescapable conclusion:
Jennifer Reddington IS NOT Jennifer Reddington!

Evidence to support this theory:

1) Twice Red has referred to Jennifer as "Jennifer", and not "my daughter". It seems strange he is refusing to acknowledge the relationship, when he seems so preoccupied with thoughts of at least one of his children.

2) Naomi seems very angry with Red about the way he failed to put her first, but never asks him how he could treat his daughter the way he has. If Jennifer had really been their shared child, I would have expected that to be her principle rebuke.

3) Jennifer has gone to extremes to ensure Red does not find her, even to the extent of severing ties with the woman who at least partially raised her ...Read more
Oct 08, 2014
The Blacklist Season 2, Episode 3 Review: No. 89: Dr. James Covington
Not the strongest of episodes, but it did have some really interesting bits sprinkled throughout. For me, one of the most intriguing was the contrast between Lizzie from early first season and Lizzie as she is now.
When innocent little Lizzie-that-was ran into Frederick Barnes, he was moments away from giving a highly experimental cure to his dying son. Lizzie followed the rules – she stopped the injection, arrested Barnes – and left the fate of the child undetermined, but dire.

Now, faced with a very similar situation, she takes a step back and lets the treatment continue – she drops the rulebook and makes the choice she wasn't ready to make all those months ago.

Was it the right choice? Was her choice when faced with Barnes right or wrong?
That's not really the issue here – the important fact is that she was willing to bend the rules now, easily ...

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Oct 05, 2014
The Blacklist: Who Is Liz's Mother?
The question of Liz's father is one the show creators have all but guaranteed won't get answered until the show's final season. They have, however, stated that this season Liz will begin to look into who her mother might be. The story Liz has been fed by Sam and retold by Reddington is that her mother died "of weakness and shame", however Red has also stated "everything (Liz) has come to believe about (herself) is a lie."

We don't know much about Liz's biological family at this point, except that she is almost certainly related to whoever Tom and Gina work for (burn scar matches the symbol on their boxes and the symbol was put there to protect her). That means Liz is related to either Berlin, a shadow head of Berlin's organization, or the head of another group that Tom is a double ...Read more
Oct 01, 2014
The Blacklist: Timeline Issues, Clues or Goofs?
It is once again time to play my favorite Blacklist game: "Is this a clue or goof?"

According to Naomi’s statement she was accused of being complicit in her husband crimes before she entered witness protection. She also stated her daughter was in school on Wednesday and on a Thursday she was in Philadelphia.

According to the Pilot Red disappeared Christmas Eve 1990, but committed no criminal activity until 1994. By this logic Naomi should not have been questioned until 1994, and yet Liz tells Red "Jennifer" entered witness protection with his wife in 1990.

Even if the official record is a lie and Red committed a crime in 1990, and that was when Naomi was interrogated, how could Jennifer have been in school on a Wednesday? No school I know of has school between Christmas Eve and New Year's day. For Jennifer to have been back in ...Read more
Sep 30, 2014
The Blacklist: Who is Liz's "Secret Santa"?
In last night's episode of The Blacklist Red deduced that Liz had a "Secret Santa" feeding her information about Berlin. Here are my possible theories:

1) Tom. He could be on the loose, having agreed to provide Liz intel in exchange for her continuing to lie about his "death". He could be her prisoner, somewhere, who she visits when she needs information. Binoculars could be Gina, stalking Liz to try to locate Tom for either Berlin or herself.

2) Gina. Liz could be keeping Tom as a hostage to coerce Gina's cooperation. Gina could be "Binoculars", stalking Liz to find Tom.

3) A mysterious third party, whose identity is unknown to Liz. A condition of their help might be that Liz keep their existence a secret from Red and the FBI.

Sep 24, 2014
The Blacklist: Who is watching Liz now?
Liz has a new stalker this season, who here on out I will call "Binoculars".

What we know about Binoculars:

1) Following Liz
2) Wears gloves when nobody else on the show is
3) Wears glasses
4) Keeps a sniper rifle in the front seat of their car
5) The show's creators are hiding the face from the camera

My assumptions:
1) Binoculars is a criminal. Wearing gloves when the weather isn't cold and having a sniper rifle in the front seat does not scream law-abiding.

2) Binoculars is here to protect Liz. The only reason for the sniper rifle to be in the front seat is if it was handled recently. Binoculars had opportunities to shoot at Red and Liz this episode and didn't take them. I would therefore have to assume Binoculars was simply prepared to intervene if his/her target was jeopardy.

3) Binoculars ...Read more
Sep 24, 2014
The Blacklist: Is Naomi lying?
Last night we met Red's wife, and she recounted for Liz how Red had ruined her life. According to Naomi she was living a normal life with her daughter when she was brought in and accused of conspiring with Red. Her daughter was in school on a Wednesday, and they were placed into protective custody and sent to Philadelphia the next day.

A few things I noted about this story:

1) It seems to take place after Christmas 1990, given that her daughter was in school and she was being questioned by the authorities about her husband's crimes. According to the official record Red didn't start committing crimes until four years after his disappearance.


3) She was placed into protective custody by the US Marshalls

This version of events does not seem to jive with the few details we've been fed ...Read more
Sep 10, 2014
The Blacklist: Season 2 Predictions
There are less than two weeks until the Season 2 premiere of The Blacklist and therefore it is an excellent time to resume speculating on the upcoming twists and turns. I've put on my Blacklist fedora (courtesy of SDCC) and come up with my personal list of 10 predictions for Season 2.

1) Red's wife is alive and we will meet her this season.
2) Tom is alive and will resurface in the episode before the mid-season break.
3) It will be revealed that Liz saved Tom's life.
4) Tom will save Liz's life at some in the season.
5) It will be revealed that Liz is Berlin's granddaughter.
6) Gina Zanetakos will kidnap Liz at some point.
7) We will learn that Liz gave Hudson to Ellie, because she can't cope with the reminder of her old life.
8) At some point someone ...Read more
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