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May 20, 2015
Blacklist: All Blacklist fans should read this
This is a post made by "a-l-p" on reddit yesterday, May 19, 2015, that is well written, articulate, and happens to reflect exactly how I feel. I thought every Blacklist fan should read this.

"Because Liz's father is subject to some speculation here lately and many people have said the still believe Red is the father, I wanted to bring something up that bugs me A LOT lately.
I've written several times that despite the "is he/is he not" game of the first season the writers, producers and cast have repeatedly stated that Red is not Liz's father - Megan Boone for example gave some recent interviews where she says it. Personally I think it's unusual that a team behind a show doesn't make an important plot point/twist clear within the series (per DNA test or whatever), but outside via twitter and interviews. But ...
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Apr 04, 2015
The Blacklist: Who Shot *SPOILER* in 2x18?
In the wake of the shocking season the biggest question that I was left with this episode was, "Who shot Red?" There are quite a few potential candidates.

1) The Alliance
Pro: The Alliance just voted to kill Red, and he was so concerned about the threat they posed that he was going to disappear before Liz called. They are also the season's "big bad" and we are winding down into the final four episodes of the season. It would make sense they'd be focusing on them right now.

Con: They are the obvious choice.

2) Tom
Pro: Tom is in town and he could have many potential motives for killing Red, such as making a deal with someone powerful to protect himself, protect Liz, shoot to injure Red to persuade him to let him stay close to Liz for either personal reasons or to get close to ...Read more
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Apr 03, 2015
The Fulcrum
Quick quiz...does anyone actually know what it really is?

I know Red told Liz it was a blackmail file and that is sort of what is implied with his conversations with Fitch. Then there was something about the way that Hobbs was talking about it and the sort of disregard of protocol Red set in motion by the Director that made me pause. Which led me to this thought, remember season 4 of Prison Break? During the entire first twelve episodes, the break in, and then the immediate chase episodes, what was Scylla? A file containing the lists of all Company operatives and operations that would expose the Company's role in all sorts of government actions and would clearly serve as a blackmail file. And, of course, that wasn't what it was and although I found the latter half of Season 4 of Prison Break wanted us ...Read more
Mar 27, 2015
To reawaken a discussion...Tom vs. Ward
I don't know why this was the thought that I ended last night's episode with, but its likely because this week was the first appearance of Grant Ward this half season. And that show is clearly not even entertaining the redemption path with him as he really, really, really doesn't see that he did anything wrong. And, of course, I think we all agree, we kind of like the Ward who we know is actually quite unhinged.

I suppose also because based on his actions last week and this week, Tom (who I wonder if we should be trying to call Jacob since that is actually his name and it seems he defaults to it when off duty) was clearly remorseful at least with what went on with Liz. Now, it could be because he developed feelings for her or he just saw all the layers that ...Read more
Mar 18, 2015
(Spoiler Alert up to 2x15) The Blacklist: The Boyfriend Experience (Red-Tom-Liz connection)
There has been a lull in The Blacklist discussions. Now if this is because the show was a bit lack luster until Tom has returned and now you are re-watching these episodes again and again, I understand- been there, um..still there. But with all this new info I have been chomping at the bit to discuss stuff. Sure it’s basically the same topics since the beginning but the background information has expanded quite a bit and thus there are new and improved speculations.

[Before we proceed, I’d just like to apologize for the somewhat slapdash post. Well, it is more unrefined than slapdash but I wanted it hopefully out before the next episode. Thought I might wait, but figured with all this new intel, we probably won’t get more for while given the rate this show feeds us tidbits. ]

First I’ll start with the future ...
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Mar 14, 2015
The Blacklist: The Tom/Red Connection Post 2x15
The plot thickened last night when Red revealed a number of things about his connection to Tom.

  • Tom worked for Red before he worked for Berlin.
  • Red was guaranteed Tom would stay emotionally detached from Liz.
  • Red was angry when Tom developed feelings for Liz.
  • Tom was recruited by Berlin, and offered double the price.

This new information, like most new information on The Blacklist raises more questions.

1) What exactly did Red hire Tom to do?

I believe Tom used to have Erza's job. I can't wrap my mind around Red hiring Tom to date her, it would be too great a betrayal with absolutely no purpose. I think he was tasked to watch and protect Liz from a distance.

Tom says to Jolene in 1x16, "Do you have any idea how many candidates there were? They CHOSE me." That suggests the position, if you will, of ...Read more
Feb 07, 2015
The Blacklist: The Things We Learned In The Fire (Post 2x10)
UPDATED: Someone took the time to clean up the audio during the memory sequence. It reveals some pretty interesting things about Liz, the man, and the woman. Here's the link, if you are interested: Cleaned up audio during 2x10 memory.

Like many of you I felt frustrated by the lack of answers provided in the memory sequences, and then later with the reveal that everything we did see wasn't reliable. I found, however, after re-watching the episode, there are solid answers to be had.

Answer #1) Liz's fire had to have occurred at least 1 years and 5 months, prior to Red's disappearance.

The doctor said the fire happened 26 years ago. Allowing for 5 months of rounding on either side, 26 years ago would between 9/5/88-7/5/89. At the very least there was a one year and five month gap between the ...Read more
Feb 02, 2015
The Blacklist: How are Red and Liz connected to the Fulcrum?
Last night we were finally told what "The Fulcrum" is, a blackmail file on the Alliance.

What we know:
1) The Alliance thinks Red had the Fulcrum the night he disappeared.
2) Red doesn’t know where it is.
3) Red says (truthfully in his mind according to the creators of the show) Liz’s father died in the fire.
4) Red was there in the fire the same night something tragic happened at his house.
5) Naomi, Red’s civilian wife recognized Liz after 25 years, despite the fact she’s using her married name. Liz must have either been living in their house or a frequent visitor.
6) The Fulcrum was at Liz’s house that night.
7) Liz is necessary to find the Fulcrum.

Who stole the Fulcrum from the Alliance?

I'd say either Red or his partner (Liz' father).

1) Red stole it and ...Read more
Jan 30, 2015
The Blacklist: 2B Predictions
As with the returning episode of The Blacklist only two days away I thought now would be a fun time to start making predictions for the second half of the second (some of these are recycled from my first batch of S1 predictions). Sorry if my guesses are a little Tom heavy, but I was trying to get to ten ;).

1) Tom will save Liz's life.
2) Tom's and Red's started shortly after Tom ordered a passport of himself, Liz, and a baby from Red's forger.
3) The Tom/Red agreement ended prior to 1x01.
4) Tom was chosen to be the plant in Liz's life because previously he'd been tracking Reddington for another group, and is something of a Red expert.
5) Gina Zanetakos will reappear.
6) We will learn Red's history with Cooper.
7) Cooper will die before the season is ...Read more
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