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How is the show going to tee up _Redemption_?
Sep 28, 2016
The Blacklist's Ryan Eggold: Tom's "Life Is Going to Change Dramatically"
The Blacklist: Ryan Eggold Teases a "Dramatic Change" for Tom
Jun 15, 2016
NBC Announces Fall Premiere Dates for Blindspot, This Is Us, and More

Grab your datebooks, puppy calendars, discarded junk mail, or whatever else you use to keep track of life's most important events, because NBC has announced premiere dates for its fall schedule.

The network won't debut new series immediately following the network's coverage of the Olympics in August and will instead kick things off Thursday, September 8 with the return of Sunday Night Football and a Super Bowl rematch. Reigning champs the Denver Broncos will take on the Carolina Panthers at 8:30pm/

Leading the network's scripted coverage will be the Season 2 premiere of Blindspot on Wednesday, September 14 at 10pm immediately following the finale of America's Got Talent. It will move to its 8pm timeslot the following week, where it will lead-in to Law & Order: SVU at 9pm and Chicago P.D. at 10pm.

Reality powerhouse The Voice, which will see the addition of ...

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of course
May 15, 2016
NBC Adds The Blacklist Spin-Off Blacklist: Redemption to Lineup
The Famke Janssen series will debut at midseason.
Apr 29, 2016
Review: "The Artax Network" - The Masha Connections
Elizabeth Keen aka Masha Rostova is dead.

The effects of her death are far from over.

This episode was a bit of mix bag of dealing with grief and loss, the finding of those responsible for Liz's death and getting Red back in the game.

The connection between Liz and Red, so much of it is still very much a mystery. Sure, we get new clues and information, but we are still so much into the guessing game. The Blacklist as a show has been able to handle this pretty well so far, but, we need more...

Now we all know that Tom Keen and Famke Janssen will be the leads of a "the Blacklist" spin-off and it has put a 'spoilery' view on this current show.

I state this, because I'm jumping to the end of the episode with Tom's little spy mission on Cooper's ...
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Apr 22, 2016
Review: "Cape May" - The Opium Express to Cape May via Memory Lane Road
I am definitively a big fan of 'The Blacklist". I rarely write reviews for it, but this episode is worth the effort.

Red is very liberal when it comes to drugs and his own personal use of then, we have been regaled with tales of his experiences in some of the previous episodes throughout the seasons.

In the aftermath of Elizabeth's death, It was not surprising to see Red in an opium den (I presume) partaking in the euphoric effects of this drug as a mean of dealing with the guilt, sadness and feeling of loss over her untimely demise.

Since we are talking about Red, you would expect he would have taken the 'Super-Size' package from the opium establishment and as such, it wasn't really surprising to see him wake up rather disoriented, to the point of forgetting his holster and gun.

So, after being awakened from ...
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Apr 16, 2016
Review: "Mr. Solomon: Conclusion" - The conspiracy theories ...
This was an intense and emotionally charged episode.

Not matter what else happened in this show, the ending is really all that matters.

Elizabeth Keen is dead
Baby Agnes is alive

The title is "Mr. Solomon: Conclusion", so let's talk about him for a spell because I doubt we've seen the last of him yet.

When the FBI showed up to break the standoff/showdown between team Solomon and team Red, he was on the losing side and saw an opportunity to escape. Guess what?.. he did, not surprised right?

Now, considering he's wanted by the Cabal, Solomon is in a tight little spot.

You have to wonder, What will his current employer do?

Hunt him down and punish him failing to bring Masha Rostova back?
You think he will be able to keep his position for that employer without some type of payback?
Is it possible ...Read more
Apr 15, 2016
Did The Blacklist Just Kill Off [SPOILER]?
Or was it one of those magical TV fake-outs?
Apr 10, 2016
Review: Mr. Solomon Part 1 - Happy Endings are for Wimps
Damn, but its a hard life when you live in the world of the Blacklist.

As far as plot goes, you knew something was up with Solomon's telling of his plan during a goddamn robbery.. "All right then, let's go steal ourselves a nuclear warhead", my spidey-sense was definitively tingling when I heard him say that.

Turns out, this was all about Liz and I didn't see that. It wasn't really something that was intuitive and that's all good, because if everything was predictable, we would get easily bored right?

And speaking of Liz and let's add Tom to the mix. Because of talks of a spin-off project from the Blacklist where Tom is a lead, that kind of spoiler, kills a bit of the anticipation from this show's current state. A spoiler like this can only mean that there will be no ...Read more
Apr 05, 2016
Ryan Eggold to Co-Star in The Blacklist Spin-Off

Last week, NBC announced plans for a potential spin-off to The Blacklist starring Famke Janssen, which would be set up in an episode towards the end of the current season. Now we know she won't be alone.

According to Deadline, Ryan Eggold, who currently stars as the mysterious Tom Keen in The Blacklist, will officially reprise his role in the new show should it move forward (if it doesn't become a series, he'll return to his current role). The spinoff is said to focus on the relationship between Susan "Scottie" Halsted (Janssen) and Tom (Eggold) - a relationship similar to the one between Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone).

NBC is developing a Blacklist spin-off starring Famke Janssen, Edi Gathegi.

The episode that sets up the spinoff will air May 12.

do we need this?
Mar 29, 2016
The Blacklist Might Get Its Own Spin-Off
NBC is moving forward with a backdoor pilot starring a Hemlock Grove actress.
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