The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 16

Mako Tanida

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2014 on NBC

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  • Tom really shown his true nature!

    Great back story with Tom, the main story was not very interesting, but Tom really shown his true nature in this episode!
  • Very good!

    Once again an interesting episode with a very good storyline that blended in extremely well with the overarching storyline.

    The show is definitely getting better - things are getting consistently better and the main sotryline continues to grow nicely.

    I look forward to more netx week!
  • Too Many Holes In the Narrative

    Help Me understand these -

    1. An expert like Gina is caught unaware by the Photographer, who in turn is caught unaware by Tom....


    2. Tom was with Liz for many months before even she got posted to the FBI and before Red made any contact. But in this episode, Tom mentions that the German Agency's motive of making him Liz's husband was to get Red. Does the agency know the connection between Red and Liz? And how were they so sure that Liz would be transferred to this division of FBI and how were they so sure that Red will be communicating with her?

    Right from the first episode, the FBI is made to look like an organisation run by a kindergarden management, who always land up being in the dark and ignorant. The overall story for the crime/drama is new, but the writers could have made more efforts to avoid all these loopholes.

  • Three Letters... T-O-M

    Tom finally going bad ass more than made this episode simply awesome...
  • mako tanida

    anyone else noticed that mako tanida is played by hoon lee,who plays the role of job in 'banshee'.

    the funny thing is that he speaks fluent english in banshee and in this episode of the blacklist he has that typical generic asian accent going on
  • What a Girl

    The writers of this episode proved a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Though they know their martial arts terminology (they seem to know that atemi means to strike) and Japanese history (Ieyasu Tokugawa founded the Edo dynasty) they manged to give the villain a Girl's name. Mako, indeed any Japanese name that ends with 'ko' is a female name. The sepuku scene was also a joke. This made a mockery of the entire episode for me, but hey, if you happen to be culturally illiterate, the story was great.