The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 18

Milton Bobbit

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2014 on NBC

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  • Liz is improving

    I mentioned awhile back and I agree with most viewers that she is improving. Her clueless naive nature couldn't last long. Her wedding vow was icy and chilled me to the bone. Tom tried too hard to convince her that he was in love with her. He overplayed his hand.
  • Michael Jackson would have loved that nose!

    Brilliant episode. Liz is hot on the heels of finding Toms secret, Red is as cool headed and sneaky as ever and the side story of the undertaker was really interesting. My only gripe is that near the end he pulled off his prosthetic nose and then put it back on, without even a mirror! That nose would take hours to apply and blend with make up, you cant just pop it on like a pair of earrings and it looks perfect. Michael Jackson would have loved that nose!
  • Wow, if she's a profiler, just imagine what the FBIs trained agents must be like?

    This program is beyond stupid, and I don't get the high ratings here, at all.

    I'm OK with suspending disbelief, and I'm down with Girl Power (TM) but Lizzy is just so far away from believable. She's amazing at everything but being a basic FBI agent (how many times does Red have to tell her he most basic things to do in an investigation?) to the point of incredulity.

    One week shes die hard (why didn't she say Yippee ki-yay, motherhubbard?) taking on people who we are told are the most highly trained and dangerous hit men ever, then she's like one of Danny Ocean's crew lifting wallets and such, then she jumps mysterious men and over-powers them at will...

    But the most stupid part is how everyone forgets about Red and how they trust him implicitly, even thought he often blatantly plays them and less than subtly avoids questions with questions...

    The only thing I'm torn about with this show is deciding which is lazier/sloppier. The writing or the special effects (which are charmingly cheap and bad).
  • Megan rage and awesome and hilarious.

    I think this is the first time in the show that we`ve seen Megan really punch someone and pull out her rage. Never knew she had it in her. She always looked more like a cheerleader type, but this episode proved otherwise. She did a great job at it.

    And Mr. James spader, his one line get better and better :)

    loved this episode!
  • Really intense!

    I really liked this episode - not only did we get a very interesting and unique case, but it was coupled with amazing develo-pments in the main storyline with Tom, as we make some ground there too.

    A lot of interesting scenes in the episode - far too many to mention - but I particularly enjoyed the interrogation of Tom's 'brother', as well as the little scene in El Salvador.

    The only negative was that I found the removal of thta guy's nose - several times - to be rather gruesome and unpleasant.

    Aside from that, very good episode.
  • awesome

    the only series i am following, i love the way RED acts and ELIZABETH is so smart !

    waiting for episode 19
  • Blacklist Sorely Misses Cable's 13 Episode Fromula

    First of all, this is the first show I have ever watched on regular television ... since I was too young to remember.

    I bought into the show because I think Spader is a great actor and he wouldn't sign on to be part of some normal show like Chicago Fire.

    And the show has all the elements to be great. I think the writing is better than critics give it credit for.

    The only problem is filling in this many episodes. And that's the only problem. My cable 13-week format has too much filler. Even the best shows - going on 19 episodes - would draw sarcasm.

    Blacklist should be saved by cable.
  • Now were getting somewhere with Tom

    I won't spoil it for everyone , but it was a good one tonight . Liz takes off the gloves with Tom's brother.