The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 11

No. 106: The Good Samaritan

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2014 on NBC

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  • Hello Fyodor

    Best introduction to a mob boss ever. James Spader walks into a bar.... no that isnt a joke its just the best scene ever. I am always amazed that the guest stars they bring in each week seems to be better actors than the regular cast members. The difference between Dexter and Reddington is that Dexter tries to hide who he really is, and Red just enjoys every moment of violence he is in. He doesnt try to hide his real self and tells the FBI every step of the way, "This is who I am" and pretty much wins in a game of chicken with every criminal out there.
  • Red sees red!

    Another brilliant episode. this week we learn just what Red is capable of if he's crossed.
  • Pretty good.

    A good episode with an interesting enough case. But I didn't enjoy it as much as most others because creepy medical stuff id just wrong and I can't watch it. I don't get along with tht kinda stuff.

    Red was doing his thing killing half the world and that was interessting enough.

    Overall a good episode, but I hope for a better one next time.
  • "Did you bring me anything?"

    , "Did you bring me anything?"

    It was kinda of eerie definitely gave me a daddy/daughter vibe. Dad gone on a business trip and brings his daughter a present from the city he visited.

    Of course - Red brought her just what she wanted - a name on the blacklist. Lizzie and Red working together - AGAIN
  • A clever title goes here!

    Suprised to see a very good episode of this show, that doesnt need to be adrenaline packed to be successful. All aspects of this episode were very well made, starting from the revenge path of Red, finishing with very sympathetic serial killer. Almost everything felt kinda morally right about this killer minus the actual killings. The only sad thing is that the end and trailer for next episode strongly indicates that this show will fall in the pattern of previous episodes - mediocre scripts that relies mostly on spectacle and overdone drama, than on interesting original and believable story. Probably we will see mostly standalone episodes till the finale, where the truth about the husband will be revieled and some new shady thing will be the imminent threat (probably with the Fitch character guy). So while this midseason finale with previous double episode and this episode was very nice and had high quality standart, in the end the show will continue to produce average quality, like it was done by many shows before, that had these same patterns and were unable to take intelligent risks, so they could aquire the most audience possible and in the consequence will never achieve the quality of shows like Breaking Bad or The Wire or some others, that made the choice to prioritize telling the right story in an original way instead of making mainstream decisions, so the viewer numbers would materialize nice paychecks.
  • Oh the suspense is killing me.

    This was a excellent episode. I loved the cold bad to the bone Red. I know one thing don't make Red mad. This episode was award worthy and I hope they remember it when awards come around. Blacklist is becoming one of the best shows on tv. Red and Johnny Cash oh Lord that was good.