The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 8

No. 109: General Ludd

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2013 on NBC
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TV Rating:  TV-14 LV.  General Ludd is the 109th person on the list.  As another member of the list is revealed, Elizabeth gets word of a very dangerous plan against the country's financial system. Also, Tom comes to Elizabeth's aid when she is in need.

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  • Another great episode!

    Love The Blacklist. Great and Im also wondering if Red Lizzys birth father. He acts likes he is, concerned for her all the time, looking out for her. But that would make it to easy so probably not. Although Red knows something, where shes from for example. Anyway, love the series.. Im curious how the series will develop. One question though, does anyone know the song that played during the funeral of Lizzys father (at the end of the episode)?moreless
  • Is Red her real father?

    The General Ludd storyline wasn't great or gripping, but the storyline involving Lizzy, her father and Red more than made up for it! It's looking like Red is her real father, but I can't help but think there's a twist coming.
  • Pretty great!

    This was anothe of the better cases of the season, with a case of terrorism and an interesting statement to be made.

    VERY interesting developments in the personal life as well. Can't say this didn't cross my mind, but it was very interesting to watch it unfold nonetheless.

    Very good episode! Looking forward to the next!
  • Another Crime Show That Fails to Hold Our Imagination

    I was intrigued when I first learned of the Blacklist and that James Spader was the lead star; he is such a wonderful actor. But as the episodes played out it became obvious the only subplot that held my interest was the relationship between Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen. Since the show's writers have now shown us that Keen is Red's offspring, what else is left?

    This one hour melodrama has presented the viewer with no additional suspense because all the possible law enforcement scenarios have been exhausted. Bad guys get caught, bad guys get away, same old, same old. The show will be DOA when Tom Keen (Elizabeth's husband) is found out to be a stealth hit man for another nefarious criminal enterprise.

    What will save it? How about:

    1. Red divulges to Elizabeth that her husband works for Israel's Mossad. His mission is to bribe, entrap or even kill government officials who are influential in US foreign policy decisions.

    2. Keen gets pregnant and Red vows not to let his grandchild become a wedge or used as a hostage by Tom.

    3. Keen resigns from the FBI to join with Red to uncover the truth and stop a war in the Middle East.

  • Not a surpise... (spoiler - maybe)

    Well Red is Keen's biological father... I think many expected that. Other than that and in spite of Spalder great performance, I don't believe that show will be renewed. I stayed on so far because I wanted to see why Red only wanted to speak to Keen, but other than that, the show is pretty boring.

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