The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 8

No. 109: General Ludd

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2013 on NBC

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  • Another great episode!

    Love The Blacklist. Great and Im also wondering if Red Lizzys birth father. He acts likes he is, concerned for her all the time, looking out for her. But that would make it to easy so probably not. Although Red knows something, where shes from for example. Anyway, love the series.. Im curious how the series will develop. One question though, does anyone know the song that played during the funeral of Lizzys father (at the end of the episode)?
  • Is Red her real father?

    The General Ludd storyline wasn't great or gripping, but the storyline involving Lizzy, her father and Red more than made up for it! It's looking like Red is her real father, but I can't help but think there's a twist coming.
  • Pretty great!

    This was anothe of the better cases of the season, with a case of terrorism and an interesting statement to be made.

    VERY interesting developments in the personal life as well. Can't say this didn't cross my mind, but it was very interesting to watch it unfold nonetheless.

    Very good episode! Looking forward to the next!
  • Another Crime Show That Fails to Hold Our Imagination

    I was intrigued when I first learned of the Blacklist and that James Spader was the lead star; he is such a wonderful actor. But as the episodes played out it became obvious the only subplot that held my interest was the relationship between Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen. Since the show's writers have now shown us that Keen is Red's offspring, what else is left?

    This one hour melodrama has presented the viewer with no additional suspense because all the possible law enforcement scenarios have been exhausted. Bad guys get caught, bad guys get away, same old, same old. The show will be DOA when Tom Keen (Elizabeth's husband) is found out to be a stealth hit man for another nefarious criminal enterprise.

    What will save it? How about:

    1. Red divulges to Elizabeth that her husband works for Israel's Mossad. His mission is to bribe, entrap or even kill government officials who are influential in US foreign policy decisions.

    2. Keen gets pregnant and Red vows not to let his grandchild become a wedge or used as a hostage by Tom.

    3. Keen resigns from the FBI to join with Red to uncover the truth and stop a war in the Middle East.

  • Not a surpise... (spoiler - maybe)

    Well Red is Keen's biological father... I think many expected that. Other than that and in spite of Spalder great performance, I don't believe that show will be renewed. I stayed on so far because I wanted to see why Red only wanted to speak to Keen, but other than that, the show is pretty boring.
  • The monkey experiment in action

    The theory is that if you have a lot of monkeys in a room pounding away at typewriters eventually they will produce the entire body of work of Shakespeare by accident; I think that raising the bar too high, I think The Blacklist is more likely.

    This show has disappointed me from the beginning, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Until this episode. The writing is completely laughable. I haven seen anything so full of holes since working at a swiss cheese factory. The bad guy has been planning his evil scheme for years, even remodeling his face, but then he leaves a credit card trail, leading the FBI to his lair which conveniently has all his evil doings mapped out for them?!? Another villain who takes the FBI for a bunch of fools, and rightly so since they didn think an armored truck might have a reverse. Oh, and apparently when all airtraffic is suspended that apparently doesn apply to Reddington, or the bad guy. I won go into all the other writing errors which made me cringe every other sentence.
  • tid bits

    1. When Red visited the home where he raised his family, he rips the paneling off one section of the wall. It was where he recorded the growth of his daughter. Those markings stopped at age 3. It's also interesting to mention it was markings for only one child. When Tom comes face to face with Red, he tells him that Lizzy was adopted at age 4. ?Mighty close to age

    2. Tom and Red have their first conversation. It may seem they are strangers but there is a look in both men that suggests otherwise. The conversation almost seemed fake. A way to discuss matters without admitting what the conversation is really about. It's like when Agent Keen and Red sit far apart and don't make too much eye contact when in public. It would give away too much if they interacted as familiar with each other. That's the way it felt with the conversation with Red and Tom. ?What may first appear to be a heartfelt response from Red about the passing of Lizzy's father it was really a veiled threat. ?A warning to Tom that he (Red) will always be watching from afar and he will do anything to keep her safe from may or may not be lying two-faced cheating husband. I think they know each other personally. Tom looked afraid.

    3. I read some previews of this episode and some implied that Red would kill Lizzy's adoptive father with the sole ?motive of silencing whatever truth he threatened to tell Lizzy. I found that scene played out much differently. Red cares about this man. While silencing is part of why he killed him, he also did a favor for a friend who did not want to prolong his suffering. In that sense, Red was sacrificing him out of love but surely not out of hate. Red is also aware of how it would hurt Lizzy and Red comforts her in the way he is able to do so.

    4. Who is LUCY?? Some have suggested she is Lizzy's knows at this point. But I did pick up on some interesting tid bits. Lizzy could not reach Red by phone and tracked him down using the chip in his neck. She shows up to a suburban house unannounced. Rather than confirm that it is addresses her as MOLLY. Lizzy questions have a wife in suburbs?" This may suggest there is another part of Red's family at play here but not sure on this one.

    At the end of the episode, Red is on the Department of Homeland Security's data base of violent offenders. He pulls up a picture of a 30 year old woman who's real name is Lucy. However, I paused the screen shot and Lucy has many the name MOLLY! Awfully interesting that Red called Lizzy Molly when she showed up at the house unannounced. Don't cha think?