The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 9

No. 16: Anslo Garrick

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2013 on NBC

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  • Unrealistic

    The FBI must be the worst and must gullible law enforcement agency in the world. How do the bad guys get the better of them every time? This show is not very realistic in any way. All the FBI are wearing body armour but the bad guys are dropping them like flies using suppressed machine guns that fire 9mm. The body armour WILL stop this. The suppressors will change the ballistic including range, velocity and accuracy. Watching this reduces your IQ and faith in law enforcement.
  • So... is Red really the criminal he seems?

    Or is he in fact in deep cover, working for some government agency. Or at least deliberately courting the international blacklist in order to cut them down later?
  • Brilliant Show

    So glad we get this show in the UK.

    I loved this episode. It's not as good as Breaking Bad but that's my opinion. However it is certainly the best show on right now. Here's my thoughts on this think the common blood group thingy is because Ressler is Red's son as they said how rare the blood group is. Bit of a Star Wars episode iV moment a while back between Elizabeth and Ressler... I'm thinking they are brother and sister.
  • Oh, well.

    Damn! Brutal. So much for wanting to know more about Red's team.
  • Loved it

    Loved the episode, a few of the typical unrealistic big turn abounds, the main one for me being the bad guys start out like a bunch of SAS soliders killing everyone who moves before they even have a chance to raise their gun but at the end are being picked off by a basically rookie agent.

    Overall great, the story was good, the dialogue was excellent, I don't know why people are complaining about the blood thing. He was B negative, (not AB- as listed by another reviewer) it's not really that rare... Someone with B- can also take O- blood.

    Random FYI for blood:

    You have to match - or +

    O's can donate to anyone (universal donor) but can only accept O blood.

    AB can receive blood from anyone (universal receiver) but their blood is useless to anyone else except other AB's.
  • Edge of the seat stuff!

    This episode kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.
  • Brilliant indeed!

    This was an exceptional hour of TV as we get some intense events. A lot went down and it was all so intense. Eyes were glued to the TV!

    There's simply nothing bad to say about it. It was flawless. Can't wait for the next hour - luckily it's only a 24 hour wait until the season finale's second half for us in Australia.

    Red is a bad motherfucker!
  • The most interesting show on tv now!!

    No other show can top last night episode. Hands down.