The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 7

No. 47: Frederick Barnes

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2013 on NBC

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  • It's Wilson!!!!

    Being a huge fan of House I was so glad to see Sean Robert Leonard again. I half expected to see Gregory House step out and call him an idiot but TV crossovers are a rarity. I am just glad to see my favorite oncologist back on TV. I will take him as a chemical terrorist or any other role for that matter.

    This episode demonstrates again the Clarice-Hannibal relationship between the two leads. The only problem I have is that Keen never demonstrates any growth or strength of character that Clarice does. She is always in trouble and always asking for help. She doesn't have that moment of clarity where she demonstrates a good judgment or instincts to capture a criminal on her own two feet. I realize this is only episode 7 but let's hope that Keen grows more as the show continues, because at this rate she seems more like a puppet being manipulated by everyone around her.
  • Great episode

    Great episode where Red & co stop chemical attacks in the subway.
  • Not to be missed!

    This was probably my favourite episode to date! I don't know why I tend to enjoy the chemical attack episodes in lots of different procedural shows, and this one was no exception. There was a lot of suspense and the storyline was substantiated and very interesting.

    I did enjoy the fact that it was not all about killing people, but rather trying to find a cure. It was certainly a bizarre thinking-style.

    All up, very satisfied with the episode! I highly recommend it!
  • Suspenseful, gripping 8.5/10

    Another fantastic episode from the blacklist, i thoroughly enjoyed this episode and i feel like there getting better with every one, i cannot wait to the finale as i'm sure it will be filled with the same suspense and twists and turns in episodes such as this. All the characters were played wonderfully again and the plot was well thought out. The killer Fredrick Barnes was played well and was given a good story and a background to why he kills and Lizzy and red find it hard to work together after all that's happened. No major spoilers in this episode to why red chose Lizzy or to any of the developing plots however there were a few fantastically played out scenes between red and Lizzy showing just how complex their relationship is and the question throughout the episode is whether it can be salvaged or not after the conflict over tom keen. So to sum up an all around great performance with the same great cast and i am truly looking forward to watching the next couple of episodes and seeing if they maintain the same standard and quality as the ones before!