The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 15

No. 57: The Judge

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2014 on NBC

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  • The main story was a little predictable

    The main story was a little predictable, and the baddie not nearly as scary and previous baddies, but the main interest to this episode was it's back story with Tom and the mystery woman that Red's tracking.
  • Intense!

    This was a great episode with a vigilante-style criminal being hunted and it turns out to be someone I wasn't really expecting, which is always nice! :P The storylien was very intense and very interesting - it is always difficult to decide who is right and who is wrong with a case like this. Very xocomplex indeed.

    Also very interesting developments with Tom - can't wait for more!!
  • a clever title OR 'better red than dead'. how's THAT guys?

    diane can it be

    this ep, to me, reflected on the flaws of our judgment flawed it might be since we, ourselves, as a species are flawed. not all knowing. and just missing one piece of information can sway a verdict of guilty to innocent. and vice versa...

    and we learn, yet again, that when god wants to know something, It consults Red...

    (there's more we learn, but i don't believe that reviews should contain .
  • Now were getting somewhere.

    Next episode we might get to find out more about the truth on Tom. Why Lizzie didn't listen to Red when she had the chance, I'll never know, she listens to everything else he says. I can't wait till the next episode! Thank you for finally getting somewhere with the Tom story. I've been waiting for the truth on him and now were getting somewhere.
  • At Last - a decent episode!

    The weekly Blacklister hunt, at the expense of the sub-plots concerning the characters, was beginning to wear really thin but finally an episode that played for high stakes. I really enjoyed the focus on the integrity of Liz's boss - will he/wo't he die and finally we got the reveal confirming Tom's status. The outcome of what will happen with Tom's temptress and this looming threat of a war, has piqued my interest enough to continue watching!
  • Stupid geography mistake

    Having lived on Andrews AFB, I can say for sure that it is in Maryland. On "The Judge" episode they stated that Andrews AFB was in Virginia. Even a simple Google search would have made them not look like idiots.
  • Now we're talking


    The writers were taking too much time to admit (to us) that Tom wasn't "the husband". We all knew he wasn't since Red brought it up and Liz couldn't take the word of a criminal. Nobody could. But now that we know..... What's gonna happen? Who are "they" and what's their interest in Liz?
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