The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 5

No. 85: The Courier

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2013 on NBC

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  • Another great episode

    Another great episode, Reds character gets better every week! Robert Knepper played an interestingly damaged courier.
  • Spader & Knepper: Mind Over Dark Matter

    The Courier guest stars Robert Knepper. Of course, he's an excellent villain only this time he isn't his "wordy" self. Knepper conveys extreme menace without ever saying a word. He's excellent in his devastatingly damaged appearance and detachment.

    This episode has a good story. It allows Spader to manipulate in full glory, plus we're given the hint it is all in service to find his ultimate enemy. The side story of agent Keen's husband is also addressed. It seems he is "an unauthorized double-agent". The fruit loving man is watching closely, maybe even setting up Keen and her husband for confrontation over who he actually is. Of course, the not knowing is an excellent undercurrent which one has to believe the answer won't be easily brought to light. Still, there's a setup here for a showdown, of sorts, in the next installment.

    The Courier built on what is already strong about The Blacklist. Namely, Spader's character "Red" being a master of dark manipulation and affluent bohemian culture. Nothing was too silly in this one and the blackness was permeated throughout.
  • Strange little house of books

    Episode satisfactory, Robert Knepper cool but mute, less points :-) Less hating on Keen, her partner and Ressler so improvement. What got me this episode is Spader wondering around that house finding little bottles of some (I assume pot stilled) mysterious alcohol and drinking out of jam jars and reading the correspondences of a unpublished dead author he admired. I suppose it would be trippy but as Keen says he is equally at home in a cave in Afghanistan as a high class soiree so I shouldn't be surprised, but it was an interesting little aside as was the ending as he hands a jar of the strange stuff to Keen. Big points to Blacklist for this even though I don't know why I dug it.
  • Better.

    I feel like we still aren't quite at the same level as the first two episodes, but it is improving each week, and hopefully that continues.

    Today was definitely better than the last one, and we had a great bad guy - gotta love Robert Knepper - unlike last time I think.

    I also thought there were some interesting scenes on a more personal level, and I feel like it is coming together.

    Overall, enjoyable episode and hopefully it comes to continue to improve.
  • Okay, this was a good one!

    I really liked the interaction between Red and Keen, especially the visit at the end; the story about the courier wasn't bad, either, and Agent "Babyface" Ressler is growing in reputation :-D One more episode worth watching and with a really mean cliffhanger....
  • Brilliant Run!

    The show has been on a brilliant run last couple of epis. It continues with this episode and the story of the Courier who chillingly fills no pain and hides all kinds of useful stuff in body parts! Brilliant acting by the CIA liaison, hope they make her do more CIA worthy stuff like waterboarding kidding folks.

    Elizabeth and Toms story leapt ! I cant wait to see what is next and how the hell will they sustain the tension . Its just crushing me! Brilliant. Easily a 10.

    PS: PLZ someone confirm this season 1 is atleast 24 at the very least 13 and not 7!
  • Dynamics change

    Where are they going to go from here!
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