The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2013 on NBC

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  • This got the green light?

    Sooo, agents can attempt to murder people with impunity? Not just anyone, but someone in their custody? Not just someone in their custody, but one the the 10 most wanted by the FBI. Not just anyone from the 10 most wanted but the man helping them resolve the abduction of an Admiral's daughter..... But hay, stick a pen in his neck, slap on the wrist for you naughty girl??? I mean, really??? Really??? The only thing that I find amusing about these shows is how American's are being drip fed hte notion that's it's OK and even cool that their governments have "black" whatevers and Feds can do what they want. Might be intersting.
  • Devil's Advocate

    True, Spader is the hero... And the concept of a blacklist is nice...

    The overall aspects that stands out though is that the FBI is a useless organisation. Red, an individual knows and can execute so much more than the entire FBI. And the FBI rescuing the girl walks into an ambush... Really!! But to escort Lizzie to work, they descend on a chopper!!!

    It is an interesting and a new concept for a crime series... So hope that they can tie up the loose ends (thousands) and take advantage of Spader and make it into a good show.
  • Surprisingly Compelling.

    Tip for anyone deciding whether or not to give this show a try: skip reading the description, and watch the pilot. This is not something you can decide from just reading descriptions because this show appeals to a particular type of demographic that can accept loose plot points in exchange for fancy camera angles. To get hooked in by the plot in this show the viewer must accept the fact that the FBI is less informed than the CIA in Homeland (for those who haven't seen Homeland the CIA is really really dumb in that show). Some people would be insulted by things like the FBI being tricked by terrorist in HazMat suits.. This show is kind of weird plot wise. I'm not sure what to expect from future episodes, but that being said I still like the show for a second season. It's different, but somehow the show show in still interesting.

    If you didn't ask yourself the following questions, this show might be your cup of tea:

    How did the terrorist figure out about Tom? Best informed terrorist ever..

    Why didn't he set off the bomb earlier? Why three minuets instead of now?

    Why doesn't the little girl know there is a bomb in her bag? Can she not hear the beeping? Did her dad not tell her about who he works for?

  • Stylish but silly

    Episode 1 was a lot of fun. Great camerawork, choreography and brilliantly edited, cool performances, too... but then comes the utterly daft plot. Where to begin? Well, for a start,Why sacrifice 4 or 5 men from your squad in order to kidnap a girl, even if she is a general's daughter? Why not blow her up along with her dad one day? We're then asked to believe that a terrorist who had so much muscle and firepower at his disposal, not to mention alleged cunning, would be so stupid as to stamp the logo of the zoo he is about to bomb on the back of his hand so that the lead investigator might put two and two together and go, Oh, yeah... he's gonna bomb the zoo. Duh. And then when they find the girl, she's completely isolated, her bomb very unlikely to blow anyone but her to pieces. i thought terrorists were after maximum damage. And then there's the slight problem that this is entirely derivative. Silence of The Lambs anyone?

    It's a show held together by slick performances and wit, but will that be enough to carry an audience to the end of series 1? My attention was already flagging during Episode 2...
  • Big Start

    The Blacklist comes out blazing within the first half. Lengthy intros can wait as stopping a terrorist comes first. That said, James Spader, a top FBI wanted international criminal, works extremely well from his first scene involving his "gifting" himself by his surprise surrender. Agent Elizabeth Keen, played by fresh faced Megan Boone, makes for a good profiler in the vein of Jodie Foster's "lambs" performance.

    The pace of this pilot didn't let up, neither did it shy away from graphic violence. By major network TV standards this one is particularly dark, and layered, in mysterious eastern connections. It goes for the jugular unapologetically not giving the viewer much time to ponder it's outrageousness, let alone be bored.

    James Spader's "Red" Reddington works better than one may imagine. Spader can play dark, of course, but he's visually much more effective here with his even colder new look. Megan Boone's Agent Keen gets past her "model" looks well too. She convey's damage and devotion in equal measures to the point her looks are simply more endearing. With fearless writing played out at warp speed "The Blacklist" shows tons of initial promise. Let's see if this combination continues at a similar level? We can stay tuned with hopes this is the case.
  • Fascinating beginning!

    The concept is really interesting! The pilot was really intense - a lot more happened in the first episode that I was expecting.

    Don't know what more to say - it was really good, and I'm looking forward to more! Great start, keep it up!
  • Person of some interest.

    Messy gibberish that appears to be a 2 years too late 'Person of Interest' challenger is actually rather watchable thanks to Spader even if he's working at only 66% Spader.

    The pilot has overtones of of 'The Following's "we could care less if things make no sense" plotting but I have more hope for this series.
  • Promising, but worryingly senseless in places

    The pilot for Blacklist certainly had style. The opening scene of Reddington is nicely done, James Spader is excellent as one cool customer, and the show has a strong sense of intrigue with the "Silence of the Lambs"-style interviews between Reddington and Keen that make you wonder what on earth is going on, even if Keen's character feels a little underbaked.

    But the actual plot was very problematic, full of unlikely events, and can be very easily poked full of holes. And this concerns me, because stylish or not, I can only take so much stupidity.


    There are so many issues with the way things play out. First off, with Reddington's warning and the almost immediate response from the FBI, which presumably would follow a different route than normal, it's fairly absurd that the bad guys would be prepared. At the same time, the FBI should have been suspicious when they were rerouted; distractions were exactly what they'd been warned about, yet no one seems concerned.

    After things go south, one would have expected the FBI to assume that Reddington was actually part of the plot; that he had fooled them (and he possibly did, it's hard to say). Instead they give him everything he wants. And he's able to escape FBI custody by climbing out of a window? Really?

    I won't go into every hole; the point is, this is a show that's more concerned with making certain events happen than with making events believable. I hope future episodes do better, or my interest in this show will be short-lived.
  • Feels like Silence of the Lambs

    A different theme, but a definite feel for silence of the lambs. Great start, hopefully it will get even better.
  • Looks Promising!!!

    I have watched the pilot and to be honest, i was right away sucked into the story and it was exciting and nicely put let's see how this will unfold itself....
  • Interesting

    James spader is awesome in this show..... pilot was great.
  • Wait this tv

    It is good
  • fantastic

    i am a follower of james spader; he is a great actor and i have no doubt that i will like this show. he'll bring so much to it. whatever role he plays, he puts his whole mind into it.