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The Blacklist

Thursday 9:00 PM on NBC Premiered Sep 23, 2013 In Season



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  • This is the beginning of the end - Mark it down

    They are making some serious mistakes on the show right now. Killing off Keen - while it is a little bit refreshing, takes the show into a risky direction that is not being done very carefully. The guy they brought in to be Katerina's father was not a very good casting role for him - I can't remember all of the things that I've seen him in over the years, but it needed to be someone more unknown in hollywood and Russian acting. The dialog and interaction between Red and Katerina's father was flat and uninteresting.

    I don't believe in Dembe giving Aram the location of Red just to show up unannounced and ask him to come back (without Dembe calling), this is ridiculous. Aram and Samar smoking a joint in the car next to Agent Ressler is also equally ridiculous and out of character for all of them. This makes no sense for FBI agents and the straight laced Ressler would totally be against it.

    The whole possibility of Katerina coming into the story now (in real life) seems like an unplanned attempt to take the show into a new direction. And, it was just a wee bit too convenient for Katerina to turn around just right in both photographs (with the same look over the shoulder). I guess they want to make sure we do not get confused on who it "might" be.

    The Mr. Solomon episodes were the real beginning of the end because the show is making in-plausible moves here. It was unnecessary to break him out of prison and assassinate all of the cabal guards in order to have him simply "lead" a task force in kidnapping Keen, and for him to change his allegiance in doing it. Those episodes were not well planned and it also seems completely inappropriate for them to be shooting 1000s of bullets at the person they are supposed to be kidnapping.

    Cape May was incredibly good - and almost brought me back but I've almost forgotten by now.

    This is the turning point of a once great show heading toward the demise.

    I might give them one more season at this point.
  • Elizabeth needs to keep her desk job

    James Spader/Raymond is riveting in the blacklist - like his character in Boston Legal on steroids. Elizabeth's character is painful to watch though. Her go to moves are dropping her gun, getting knocked unconscious, losing physical fights, getting tied up (and not in the good way) and being unable to pull the trigger. You'd think she'd at least take a self defense course at the local women's center or the YMCA since her agency obviously never taught her anything. To top it off as inept as she is in the field, James Spader has to spoon feed her all of her solutions and she's pretty much a self involved ignorant brat.

    I'd give the show a 10 if it weren't for how badly she fumbles EVERY episode.

    They killed off the only decent female agent on the show.

    Edit 4/24 - WAHOO the dead weight is gone. They can stop dumbing down the show and stop with the whiney character!
  • The BEST show

    TV is full of crap shows right now. The Blacklist is the one show that's still going strong. The plot, the actors, the characters, the camera is a 10 for me. I hope they can keep up the good work for a couple more seasons because I would seriously hate to lose the one thing that is still worth watching on TV.
  • This cant be the end!!!

    Are they serious in letting Lizzy go, I'm assuming that they made up her death so she'll kept safe!!!
  • How did Liz get pregnant?

    I know that sounds silly but her and Reddington were on the run. I don't remember if she slept with Tom before that (I didn't think she did). The only part I remember is on the boat after she was found innocent as a Russian spy. I just read she's pregnant in real life. Some of the episodes after the Cabal ended seemed forced and not that if they put them in just to get 21/22 whole episodes. The episode with the 2 family rivals in NY was the first time I was really disappointed. And why can't Red ever answer any of Liz' questions about her mother? They were so close while on the run and there has to be a reason he cares so much. Do they think if we find out the answer, we'll stop watching? After 3 seasons, if he's her say it already!! Or whatever their connection want to know. I still love watching it though...
  • Pregnant?

    This is really bad. Is it not a thing in the contract the stars sign that says"dont get pregnant while we pay you the big bucks"??? Lizzy being pregnant just because the actress dont know hot to take pill is horrible for the story
  • Great Show!

    I so enjoy watching the Blacklist every week. Never disappoints! Still do not know how I feel about Liz's husband back in the picture. Tom is great eye candy, but when he and Red go at it makes me want him out of Liz's life and now she could be pregnant? What! Have to say though love it when Tom is fighting for and helping Liz. How is Liz going to help Red catch bad guys while pregnant?? Oh and let's not forget my man Red, he is just the best actor in my opinion. He speaks and you just do not know what will happen.
  • This show is just..

    Amazing. Seriously.
  • Something about Red :)

    I'm always looking forward to each season! The cast really blends well together. The suspence is ongoing! It's one of the few shows I've given my time to on a regular basis and keep going back for more!! Congrats on Season 4!! I'll be waiting!!
  • I liked the season 1 and 2 but have some problems with 3

    The season 2 was so far the best. Then season 1. I think with the third season the show lost its edge. There was always tension between Elizabeth and Red which is IMHO lost in the season 3 where Elizabeth become just a complacent Red's sidekick and not even good one. Of course as everyone is saying, James Spader totally nailed the Red's character. I am watching it just for him. Everyone else seems to play a second or third fiddle. And Elizabeth character plays tambourine.

    Fantastic Finale !!!!! PERFECT Ezra song for whats to come !!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!
  • Love James Spader

    Watched the Blacklist since premiere and have loved not loving this new season storyline. I liked it a lot more when James Spader wasn't on the "same side" as Boone. Less Boone, MORE Spader!!! He's spectacular as Red, let him shine.
  • the blacklist wow

    best tv series iv ever seen love james spader's character
  • Blacklist sets the standard for Network TV shows

    The Blacklist is my favorite Network show and one of my favorites from any source. Shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Twelve Monkeys are also can't miss shows for me but Spader's character in Blacklist is so dominating on the screen and the writing is so strong that it is a show that sets the standard for Network TV.
  • Still the best drama on television

    I don't agree with these bad reviews at all. I think the writing is still phenomenal for a weekly drama. It's one of the few dramas I have continued watching week after week. I love James Spader as Red and Megan Boone in my opinion, is not the best actress, but doesn't steal Spaders thunder. It is called the Blacklist because they are looking for people on the Blacklist, thus the premise. And yes, they almost get caught, but we wouldn't have a show if they got caught lol
  • Visto epi 05

    Gran episodio de esta 3 temporada, el equipo del fbi trabaj en conjunto para salvar a Elizabeth, gran aparicin de Dembe.
  • Dembe is bad

    Don't care about what others say. This show is awesome. And Dembe is a badass
  • Too Bad for Spader... this show is going to be cancelled!

    Well the newest Blacklist just aired in my area... and it was extremely disappointing... James Spader is phenomenal, but a poor script, thin characters, no bridge from previous plot lines seems to be needed to get to the next part of the storyline? Why are they McDonalidizing such a great possibility for a show? Too many poor scripts in the second season and it seems to be starting out with the same formulation - Mediocre... you'd think that they would make certain Spader had good writers & directors on this season in order to keep the depth of the show going... Truly... only 3 seasons and Jon Bokenkamp & John Eisendrath seem to have let the children do all the writing...
  • Red yes, Keen no

    tune in next week to watch them almost get caught and get away at the last second. You know, like this week and last week and the week after next and the week after will they get caught? Of course not, then there won't be a show next week. Just like day time soaps, they show a snippet of this story line, a snippet of that one, no story line is ever closed episode week after week, same bat time, same bat channel. no longer on the DVR list
  • Blacklist Now On My Blacklist

    I'm sorry to be a downer - because I could watch James Spader all day long - but not Megan Boone. She is not a good actress. She drones on and on. Never smiles. She did the same thing on Blue Bloods. I can't believe she was chosen for this role. I will have to rely on Boston Legal to get my Spader fix. That was the best show and cast ever!
  • The blacklist is a "must see show"

    One of the best show on television. James Spader is fantastic as the notorious RED. Season 3 has started very strong. Keep up the good work !!
  • My all time favorite series

    I must have a revenge streak because I LOVE this series. I love Red's power and connections. I love his sense of right and wrong; some of the hard decisions are simple because it is logical. Don't you just hate when the protagonist HAS to do the right thing even if it risks lives? Red is beyond cool and his devotion to Megan is plain interesting.
  • Megan looks better as a Brunette, Blonde looks phony.

    Great Series Love the Actors. But Megan looks much much better as a brunette, blonde looks terri ble!
  • Tom is back!!!

    Yes, was wondering when he would appear.
  • Fantastico!

    Fantastic season Premier

    In season that's full of mediocre or crappy shows, Blacklist is shaping up to be one of the great ones
  • greatest tv show

    I love this show and yes I think Red is Lizzies dad. Just will not know or the show might end. So excited for the show tonight !!!!!!
  • great showw

  • Why do they always finish great programmes!

    Brilliant show wish it hadn't ended. Love James Spader!
  • Red as Lizzie's biological Dad

    What does everyone think??? Even though Red confirms Lizzie's memories of shooting her father, that her Mom may have loved Red. After all, Tom told Lizzie "your Dad's still alive". Or maybe the Dad lived through the gun shot?
  • SS-issue

    So nobody has a problem with Tom's SS tatoo?
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