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  • Another Platform For Political Correctness

    I was a huge fan of this show from the outset. It was different, odd (in a good way), intelligent, and very suspenseful. A little gory, sometimes, but still a great show. Spader's acting and his character are phenomenonol. On the other hand, Boone, her acting and character was (and still is) terrible, shallow and dull. And, for the disillusioned, a 5' tall, 100 woman, or man, most likely cannot overcome and knock, unconscious, 4 large thugs. Regardless, the story lines have become predicated and predictable. Worst, is that political correctness, which has always existed on the show to a certain degree, is now nauseating. For example, there have been two co-starring characters with middle eastern family origins. One of the characters is a former Mossad agent from Israel, which would normally indicate a Jewish heritage. Nevertheless, each of these characters are Muslim. In fact, Muslims are generally portrayed as poor disadvantaged victims according to the show. Most recently, the latest episodes devote segments, with long left wing lectures with reference to so-called societal injustices, such as black lives matter, police discrimination of blacks, the continuation with Muslim persecution, and abuse of women . . . while being video recorded in very extreme and tight close ups with sappy music playing. Can the producers and writers return to the business of entertainment? If I want to watch fake news, I will watch NBC or MSNBC. Oops, The Blacklist is an NBC show, isn't it? OK, now that makes sense. Well, irrespective, at least kill off Boone's character, or send her to the gulag for life. And, if the show is going to have a former Mossad agent from Israel, at least stop the antisemitism, and make the character Jewish, since it would be more realistic. . Mr. Kaplan was great . . . again, what were they thinking?
  • The Spader Show

    Spader is as brilliant as ever, he lights up the show. Boone however is awful. You would think that after starring alongside him for four seasons that her acting would improve but alas no, she is as wooden as she was in season one. The woman cannot act. At all. Fortunately Spader makes the show excellent despite her Botox facial expressions... Is she happy, sad, angry?. I can never tell. And she always looks like she's trying to remember her next line. Thank god for James Spader.
  • Too many inconsistencies for my taste

    Spoiler alert!

    Just mention a few

    - It takes no effort whatsoever for a criminal to take over the FBI facility.

    - Why would government agencies keep vital and critical data on servers in a high security prison? THAT makes no *beep* sense WHATSOEVER!

    I could mention more, but not gonna spend more time on this review. Only two things I like about this show is that it have both James Spader and Megan Boone as actors (she is pretty nice :) )

  • Anybody left alive ?

    Let's us pretend that I am not too smart.... I still don't understand, why leading a life of crime and inviting every criminal to chase you or to chase..... would have and will save Mascha/ Elizabeth ??

    Take attention from her ? Who knew anyway who she was and where she was and so what if they did, if her mother is dead or missing??

    The actress who portrayed Mr. Kaplan as a young woman, was excellent. Wasted talent on that show.
  • 420 on the return to season 4

    Am I the only one to notice the Bong on Aram's coffee table ? Episode 16 season 4 which just happened to occur on 4/20/17 ... I could understand a Hookah (maybe) but a Bong on the coffee table, of an agent, while agents are milling around the scene... mistake? I think not... perhaps guilty being cute on 4/20????
  • The Blacklist lost it's way after season 2

    The writing after the second season is just soooo bad and the premise of the story is so ridiculous with Elizabeth being chased to no end. The violence is way over the top and simply not believable. The miraculous escapes and chase scenes are also unbelievable and just plain STUPID. The many scenes that endanger so many government and innocence lives to which the show does not recognize or account for is shocking. But after watching episode 1 of season 4, I think you people have totally lost any sense of believable writing and slightest hint of reality. To think that a Mossad unit can work autonomously in the US and endanger FBI and the public's lives is where I draw the line. No more for me, this show is permanently off my watch list...
  • Still slightly enjoyable to watch but...

    they are stretching the dynamic between Red and Liz to breaking point. And what's the deal with the baby in every episode?

    The plot twists and turns keep it surprisingly fresh after all this time, but the love/hate thing between the 2 main characters is getting kinda tired. Yes, I agree that if we find out what the basis of Red's love for Liz actually is it will kill the underlying mysterious premise of the show, but the love-hate-love-hate-love-hate is getting unbelievable even for a fictional TV show.

    Also, every super bad guy is supposedly worse than the the Cabal, like a grown-up version Batman fighting the Riddler, the Penguin and so on. This show can happily exist week to week fighting individual bad guys: There is no need for a super bad guy every season.

    I'll keep watching for now, but if they cut the show I won't be emailing the network to bring it back.

    BTW Spader is excellent.
  • Love the Blacklist

    I love the blacklist. Everything about it. The mystery, the questions we have, James Spader is excellent.
  • Who killed Winnie the Pooh?

    It was not Reddington, but it might as well have been: he threatened to kill two people on the show who deserve a lot better, and he went further in the case of at least one of these people and shot her with the intent to kill. The two victims of his selfish rage were the emergency care doctor who saved Liz's life and the female character known as Mr. Kaplan. These two characters participated in a plot to make it seem that Liz had died, so that she could begin a new life with her husband and baby. Both characters were incredibly loyal to Reddington, but because they did not let him in on this plot, he temporarily suffered the grief of believing that Liz was dead; in his mind, this gives him a license to kill these so-called betrayers. The show does not tell you what became of the doctor, that is, whether Reddington actually kills him. In any event, Reddington's threat visibly terrified the doctor, but this vicious act of misdirected retribution was not enough for the show's writers: they had to outdo themselves and have Reddington shoot the defenseless "Mr. Kaplan" in the head and leave her for dead. She survives, but, in my opinion, when the show's inept crew of writers had Reddington take that shot, they killed the show.
  • Gone downhill

    When I first started watching the show it was great keep you on the edge of your seat this has however went down. The storyline is all over the place, it looks like the writers are setting up for Liz & Red to have an intimate connection, which is creepy as hell! Liz & Tom has great chemistry, the writers need to show more of Liz & Tom happiness as opposed to who the Hecht Liz's father is. That storyline is old & tired, the creepy feelings Red has for her is just grouce he's like a 100 & she's young and very much in love with Tom. I doubt this show gets renewed for Season 5. It has really gone down!! Maybe the spinoff will show a more peaceful Liz & Tom but it's time to say goodbye to the blacklist!!
  • Too much baby, need more Mr Kaplan

    So many people making such stupid decisions about how to retrieve Agnes. Even the case of the week was boring. Just looking forward to the steely Mr Kaplan taking out Mr Creepy and returning to civilization. I am sure she has many resources at her disposal. I'm not sure what she will do regarding Reddington.
  • What's happen to this once great show??

    The writers have lost their way and too much emphasis is being placed on Agnes, Keen and

    Tom. Not that interesting anymore. Go back to what made the show a hit in the first season please!!!
  • The Blacklist could have been easily the best drama series ever IF

    IF - the main story wasn't about Elizabeth Keen. Every male character on the show--and every other female character--is more interesting (or could have been more interesting).

    Red, of course. As long as I thought it was about HIS past to which Liz was only a link I was intrigued (and was able to ignore her). Realizing that it is mainly about HER past to which Red is the link was very disappointing.

    The beginning of a possible Red-Ressler connection was interesting. Why was Ressler chosen as the case agent? Why did he try to kill Red instead of bringing him in? When Red saved him and supported him when Audrey died and Ressler began to slip, I thought they might retell Red's story through the younger man, tell how Red became who he is. But they cut that all off.

    Why is Samar there at all? Because of that boring brother-story? That's it?

    We still don't know anything about the "unfortunate incident in Kuwait" Red mentioned in order to extort Cooper. Instead, we were told Cooper's marriage problems (in which I have no interest) while Cooper has, in fact, nothing to do and has become as unnecessary as the entire task force because all they do is to support, find, or save Elizabeth Keen or her baby.

    I know many viewers like Tom. Well, IMO he would have been awesome if he had been used differently. If he had worked for Liz's father or for the cabal or anything like that, but not coming back because "he loves her". I see how Tom could have been a good element to the show, but I despise the soap opera element too much to be fond of him. I signed up for a drama series, not for a telenovela.

    IF - they added at least SOME reality. At the beginning, I liked the almost comic-esque style because it seemed new and fresh and exciting, but in the course of time, I realized that it isn't something they intended to do. In fact, it's not knowing how to write a crime story or how to develop characters. So, the FBI is incredibly stupid in order to stress how clever Reddington is. That's cheap and lazy. Each case has several plot holes, just so Reddington can turn up in the end (right in time of course), hold a speech and shoot the blacklister. It had been funny for a while, but it turned into a repeating element which is no longer funny but disturbing.

    IF - there was a character development. Regardless of whatever happens to the characters, there's almost no development. Basically, each character is a steady formula which turns into an inconsistency as soon as the character does something that doesn't suit his or her formula. And, of course, it's almost never shown why he or she would react the way he or she does. People CAN change, no question, but your job as a writer is to show why and then go through with it.

    IF - there were some consistencies to the stories. I think fans who watch every episode several times remember who said what when, but for a casual viewer it must be almost impossible to follow the show when the writers suddenly go back to something they had mentioned one or two seasons ago (or when they can't remember their own plot and have a character says something he or she said differently some episodes before). And even if you are up-to-date and able to recall every key element, it's disturbing when storylines are broken off or suddenly come back to the table, out of the blue.

    IF - at least Elizabeth Keen was better written. From the very beginning, she was a joke. A laughable profiler and an incompetent field agent, naive, sometimes bitchy, often whiny. I was able to ignore her, though, telling myself that she was new to the job and was suddenly dragged into an impossible situation--and there were all the other awesome characters.

    But she became just worse. Some people say they liked "bad-ass Liz" in S2, but I was never intrigued by her. All I saw was a stubborn, stupid brat doing silly things.

    During S3 she became unlikeable for me. The soap opera with the baby, remarrying Tom blah blah was too much for me to take.

    Now, in S4, I begin to hate her. It shouldn't be possible to hate a fictional character, but I do. She's an insult to every half-way intelligent woman. Everything she does or says is cringeworthy or even facepalm-worthy. She's an ungrateful, selfish, whiny ninny who thinks the whole world revolves around her and everyone is just there to support her. Unfortunately, it pulls everyone who supports her down with her--including Reddington. He must be a masochist, and that's not the way I wanted to see him.

    The most amazing thing is that they could really have killed her off without harming the show. The Liz story is the most boring, the Liz character the most disturbing and, when I read around in forums and blogs, the most hated. They could have wrapped up the Liz story "posthumously", have Red cut another deal with the FBI and start a new storyline. It shows HOW bad Liz and everything that involves her is if you could simply drop your lead character and move on.

    IF - despite how badly written Elizabeth Keen is, she was at least played by an actress who doesn't stand there with her mouth open and a dull look in her eyes almost her entire screentime. After all, it suits the stupidity of the character, but it doesn't make it any better.

    If it wasn't for the other characters, I would be long done with the show. Unfortunately, all the other characters are affected by Liz and her story--and it has just gotten worse with S4. There's no room for other stories (and I don't think they will finish the baby-family-daddy-stuff before ep 8 or 10) and the writers make the other characters look idiotically when they to do everything in order to help Liz or refuse to help her.

    It's of no use that the rest of the cast consists of good actors when they have stupid things to do or silly lines to say. Some of them--Diego Klattenhoff or Harry Lennix--are completely wasted while James Spader is forced to repeat himself because the story circles around itself. He can't carry this mess as long as it is SO messy.

    After 3B I thought it could only get better, but it obviously can get worse. Unfortunately, I bought a season pass. Shouldn't have done that...

  • The Torteous and Tangled Tale of the Baby

    The show has completely changed course and is now following the drama of saving a baby that may hold the secret of survival for a predatory Papa. I don't know what ever happened to the writers of this once great show but they have doomed it to a certain death. First time I ever turned off my TV set during one of Reddington's escapades. What he did to a long time and loyal colleague has ushered in the new Blacklist of Fathers. Goodbye Red and good luck.
  • Excellent show

    Just watch it and youll see why
  • Hello?

    I am totally a fan and have been since the beginning but please don't start doing me and others an injustice and discredit us for having brains. First of all how did Mr. Kaplan survive that car accident without a scratch? I mean seriously! She's kind of old and frail and to walk away without any bad injuries is completely mystifying. Then! What happened to Red's aim? He missed her and she gets up or crawls away from a gun I am sort of over the whole thing with the baby, too. Also, Liz's parents really who gives a big one? It looked like it was Red and now that it's not looking like it's Red, I don't care. She's an FBI agent let her do her job and forget about her Nobody dogged about "who's your Mamma"? I am going to give it a few more weeks to see how long they are willing to make me keep on my boots but if they don't "clean it up" a bit I am outta are several good new shows that might take my attention away from my true love for anything James Spader does; because this one might be headed south.
  • Blacklist

    Great idea, great serial. It si a little bit exaggerated, but it is interesting. TOP ^^
  • Driven crazy by Liz's pregnancy

    Have love, loved, loved the Blacklist but it's gone right down for me since Liz's pregnancy. Why did they have to make it such a big part of the show, the ridiculous drama about her giving up the baby for adoption, baby shower discussions!! then bigger drama when she decides to keep her baby, then marry her ex again. I struggled through these episodes and sorry really struggled and wondered why we had to pander to this hugely pregnant, very overweight woman. I agree with the previous comment that there should be something in there contract to stop them ruining a series like this! I only started watching it again when I found out they had finally come to their senses and killed her then it had to be about the pregnancy. So much better without her, can't believe she's the highest paid actress of 2016. Please don't bring her back, find Spader an actress worthy of him. Let's get back to what the Blacklist was originally about and it definitely wasn't pregnant women.
  • We apologise for the delay....

    While we wait for the inevitable return of Keen I have to say I'm enjoying the off-the-wall direction this show has taken. "Cape May" was a fantastic episode and a highpoint in the same way that AGENT OF SHIELD's "4,722 Hours" brought a whole new game to that show.

    Sad to say, I'm not missing Keen at all while the fabulous Spader is there to smile his threats, shoot people with no moral hand-wringing afterwards and occasionally to chew up the scenery when the plot needs a bit of a boost.

    Oh . Clearly she's in hiding to escape both her mother and Red. C'mon. We've all thought that since she "died"
  • amazing

    james spader unbelivable
  • maddening. the SOLE PURPOSE for Red to exist ... WAS HIS tie to Keen

    Remove THAT tie .. and the show DOESN'T exist beyond that premise. Spader is always THE REASON to watch any show he's appeared in. BUT NOT when the main premise was meaninglessly

    SORRY showrunners; this show will slowly destruct itself. Like the clever animation at the top of the TV and movie "Mission Impossible" beginnings - this too will SELF-destruct
  • This is the beginning of the end - Mark it down

    They are making some serious mistakes on the show right now. Killing off Keen - while it is a little bit refreshing, takes the show into a risky direction that is not being done very carefully. The guy they brought in to be Katerina's father was not a very good casting role for him - I can't remember all of the things that I've seen him in over the years, but it needed to be someone more unknown in hollywood and Russian acting. The dialog and interaction between Red and Katerina's father was flat and uninteresting.

    I don't believe in Dembe giving Aram the location of Red just to show up unannounced and ask him to come back (without Dembe calling), this is ridiculous. Aram and Samar smoking a joint in the car next to Agent Ressler is also equally ridiculous and out of character for all of them. This makes no sense for FBI agents and the straight laced Ressler would totally be against it.

    The whole possibility of Katerina coming into the story now (in real life) seems like an unplanned attempt to take the show into a new direction. And, it was just a wee bit too convenient for Katerina to turn around just right in both photographs (with the same look over the shoulder). I guess they want to make sure we do not get confused on who it "might" be.

    The Mr. Solomon episodes were the real beginning of the end because the show is making in-plausible moves here. It was unnecessary to break him out of prison and assassinate all of the cabal guards in order to have him simply "lead" a task force in kidnapping Keen, and for him to change his allegiance in doing it. Those episodes were not well planned and it also seems completely inappropriate for them to be shooting 1000s of bullets at the person they are supposed to be kidnapping.

    Cape May was incredibly good - and almost brought me back but I've almost forgotten by now.

    This is the turning point of a once great show heading toward the demise.

    I might give them one more season at this point.
  • Elizabeth needs to keep her desk job

    James Spader/Raymond is riveting in the blacklist - like his character in Boston Legal on steroids. Elizabeth's character is painful to watch though. Her go to moves are dropping her gun, getting knocked unconscious, losing physical fights, getting tied up (and not in the good way) and being unable to pull the trigger. You'd think she'd at least take a self defense course at the local women's center or the YMCA since her agency obviously never taught her anything. To top it off as inept as she is in the field, James Spader has to spoon feed her all of her solutions and she's pretty much a self involved ignorant brat.

    I'd give the show a 10 if it weren't for how badly she fumbles EVERY episode.

    They killed off the only decent female agent on the show.

    Edit 4/24 - WAHOO the dead weight is gone. They can stop dumbing down the show and stop with the whiney character!
  • The BEST show

    TV is full of crap shows right now. The Blacklist is the one show that's still going strong. The plot, the actors, the characters, the camera is a 10 for me. I hope they can keep up the good work for a couple more seasons because I would seriously hate to lose the one thing that is still worth watching on TV.
  • This cant be the end!!!

    Are they serious in letting Lizzy go, I'm assuming that they made up her death so she'll kept safe!!!
  • How did Liz get pregnant?

    I know that sounds silly but her and Reddington were on the run. I don't remember if she slept with Tom before that (I didn't think she did). The only part I remember is on the boat after she was found innocent as a Russian spy. I just read she's pregnant in real life. Some of the episodes after the Cabal ended seemed forced and not that if they put them in just to get 21/22 whole episodes. The episode with the 2 family rivals in NY was the first time I was really disappointed. And why can't Red ever answer any of Liz' questions about her mother? They were so close while on the run and there has to be a reason he cares so much. Do they think if we find out the answer, we'll stop watching? After 3 seasons, if he's her say it already!! Or whatever their connection want to know. I still love watching it though...
  • Pregnant?

    This is really bad. Is it not a thing in the contract the stars sign that says"dont get pregnant while we pay you the big bucks"??? Lizzy being pregnant just because the actress dont know hot to take pill is horrible for the story
  • Great Show!

    I so enjoy watching the Blacklist every week. Never disappoints! Still do not know how I feel about Liz's husband back in the picture. Tom is great eye candy, but when he and Red go at it makes me want him out of Liz's life and now she could be pregnant? What! Have to say though love it when Tom is fighting for and helping Liz. How is Liz going to help Red catch bad guys while pregnant?? Oh and let's not forget my man Red, he is just the best actor in my opinion. He speaks and you just do not know what will happen.
  • This show is just..

    Amazing. Seriously.
  • Something about Red :)

    I'm always looking forward to each season! The cast really blends well together. The suspence is ongoing! It's one of the few shows I've given my time to on a regular basis and keep going back for more!! Congrats on Season 4!! I'll be waiting!!
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