The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 20

The Kingmaker

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2014 on NBC

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  • I think Liz took the revelation that Red killed her father a little too well

    I think Liz took the revelation that Red killed her father a little too well. Most daughters would have shot him, not merely had a falling out. The rest of the episode was good though.
  • Tremendous!

    This was one of my favourite episodes, with a very good case that was really different to anything I've seen before. Very bold with all the political stuff in the storyline and very close to home as well. Very intense scenes and a truly spectacular case.

    The personal side of things wavered between intense and not so intense.

    But as a whole, a tremendous episode!
  • Two things

    The problem with introducing a dog in any show, is that the writers have to be consistent with their writing. Anyone who has ever owned a pet, knows that the moment you walk into your house, they will greet you, especially a dog. I can't count the times that Liz has walked into her house, and the dog is NEVER THERE! Also, who else thinks Tom is hot! Especially in the Mustang commercials.

    I'm rating it a 5 because of the sometimes sloppy writing.
  • To easy

    The show is good in some episodes sparks up, but we don't need flat line.. Liz need to kill some one important to RED to keep the sparks up +++ she need to fight better no to be almost kill on every encounter she got???
  • When everyone you know lies to you

    Liz turns to the only person she can trust ,her fellow FBI partner. It isn't Red nor is it her husband. Liz can handle the truth, she may not like it but she CAN handle it.
  • Ohlbaum Philly

    What is an "Ohlbaum Philly"?
  • The Kingmaker

    Once again Lizzie was compromised and almost killed way too easy for a trained FBI agent. This episode was pretty good but did not live up to the hype advertised.