The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 19

The Pavlovich Brothers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2014 on NBC

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  • Red is not who he seems

    Red captures Tom and leaves him tied up at home for Liz, he's not very helpful and refuses to answer questions even when Liz breaks his thumb. he uses his broken thumb to escape his cuffs and they fight, the fight ends with Liz cuffed to the stairs. Tom tells her he isn't the bad guy and Red is not who he seems, he tells her the key from the lamp is for a safe deposit box and tells her where to find it, inside she will see proof about Red. The episode ends when she opens the box.
  • Very interesting!

    One of my favourite episodes so far as we get an interesting case, plus a really exciting series of developments with regards t o Tom. Following him around was interesting - just how many people work for Red? Only he can know I guess. If that.

    The scenes back at the house were so intense, and there were some big moments, including an awesome fight and a great ending. Wonder what lies in that back of that bank in the vault! Can't wait to find out!

    Phenomenal episode!
  • He sure loves her

    Was a great Episode, altough liz seems really clumsy. I'm sure that Tom really loves her. He always wanted to leave the City with her, why would he wanna do that if Red is in working with the FBI? Tom went dark for Berlin, why would he kill joline? I think he really wanted Liz as his "real" wife and to start a new life somewhere else. Also that he said "I love you" before he left the house with the dog. Btw, I never realised they had a dog, I'm I the only one?
  • Poor Lizzy , all the confusion making her dizzy.

    Okay, well, it was a bit different then I expected. Red delivers Tom ,all but wrapped up in a bow for her. Yet, in the next episode it shows her being mad at Red . As if he is now the bad guy. I'm not sure what to think. Poor girl can't trust no one. I can't stand Tom anyway, he's a little whimp. He just screams weak. I dunno but I can't stand looking at him at all. Glad he's gone. GO LIZZY!

    Back to Tom tho, was he really put there to target Liz? If so, in what capacity? He obviously does not want to hurt her, yet the school teacher who was handling him , told Tom that Liz was his target. So was Tom a double agent? I think so. Put there for Liz's protection but working the other side too? Or the other way around? Was he just supposed to target Liz in the sense that if he married FBI , he could find out information easier for the other side? And has Red been leading Liz around the whole time, for his own gain? Something to ponder, as I wait for the next episode.
  • Tom does not pull punches!

    Tom does not pull punches either verbally or physically! He was brutally honest with Liz. His answers to her questions would make most people curl up in a ball and suck their thumbs!
  • What about that picture?

    Well about agent's Keen combat skills, well she's FBI agent not CIA, also this is the reason she cant follow someone without being seen :P

    The thing with the dog left by the door was a bad move from him I agree, if he was to go for a walk or even take the dog with him and dump it on the street, everyone would have wander what happened with "did Tom got kidnapped?"

    But the thing I hate about this 19 ep is the PICTURE!!! what is on that damn picture? Anyone know? or do I have to wait 1 week to find out?