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The Blacklist

Season 1 Episode 22

Berlin: Conclusion


Full Episode: Berlin: Conclusion


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I did not see in the credits what the song name and artist played at the ending? I want to hear it again.
well this could take some time to unravel ...

TB ... serious problems with what we were just 'fed'

an FBI Task Force (with CIA/FAA/NTSB involvement-because of the plane
"crash/attack" with a slew of the 'right' SURVIVORS AND NEXT TO (or at least
within walking distance of) an Emergency Room of a hospital for a severed hand?)

VS. at-best a brotherhood attached to an individual i.e. "Berlin (No. 8)", which
we know is an individual (not a Russian mafia, not a cartel, not a Russian gov't
agency, not a suicide-loaded faction of devotees - yes, any number of group-
types..NOT) with huge funds available for his/their complete uninhibited use,
who/which has sort of been 'on the radar' for at least 6 years, according to Red,
and 'under the radar' since Liz was 5 (at/in a fire presumably in USA and not on
foreign soil) -

1) the plane (a 2-prop DC3?) ... a prison transport from Bogota (to New York)? -
with a 'top-notch' federal agency approved flight-plan arranged in advance?
over/to US soil? ... (a police-type-bus hi-jacking would have been more
believable) as I am not sure if that plane could make the distance without a

- a lot of damage to a crash site that has survivors? was the plane flying? 300+
mph, altitude 3000 feet? - news flash from Donald: NYPD just apprehended 2
suspects in a car-jacking, they think they were passengers in the plane ...a
Chechnian mobster and a Columbian drug-dealer ...(survivor types: Columbian,
Serbian, Russian)... more news: 3 of the prisoners from that crashed plane
remain-at-large... =5 +1 gun battle +1 hospital ... 8 dead +2 unidentified hand-
cuffed to seats...

2) the list ... Elizabeth Keen, Harold Cooper, Donald Ressler, Meera Malik, Aram
Mojtabai (not listed - Ray Reddington - btw they know Sam is dead? Tom Keen should
have told them in between his "I've-been-compromised" phone calls and his not
heard/contacted from anyone for 2 years?)

3) ... you get the idea? ... Hope they re-continue the original premise of this show!!
Am I right -- Is this the first person on The Blacklist to get away (neither die or arrested)?

Also what happened to Tom's body? Could he still be alive?

More and more I'm thinking Red is Elizabeth's father, but didn't she run a DNA test? Of course maybe he's had a bone marrow transplant, which can skew a DNA test, unless you test both blood and other tissue (e.g. cheek). Basically when you test you need samples from both sources for each person involved. Anyway, what this means is maybe Red is Elizabeth's father (or at least he was there that night ... could he be her Uncle, if not Father?).

So glad I'm not the only one who notice Tom's body is missing
I thought I was being paranoid
What timezone does the airtime refer to?
I had a discussion with the staff over this issue when it came to several TV series on Cartoon Network on Saturday night - Sunday night. Cartoon Network doesn't rebroadcast based upon time zone, so some TV programs appear both on Saturday and Sunday at the same time. As the editor of "Sword Art Online," I had to discus this top because of the series settings: Channel, Day of the Week, and Time of Day. For example 4 time zones watch the series on Sunday, while a different 3 watch it on Saturday. For Sword Art Online it came on at:

ADT: Sunday at 03:00 (3 AM)
EDT: Sunday at 02:00 (2 AM)
CDT: Sunday at 01:00 (1 AM)
MDT: Sunday at 00:00 (Midnight)
PDT: Sunday at 02:00 (2 AM)
Alaska: Sunday at 03:00 (3 AM)
Hawaii: Saturday at 21:00 (9 PM)

After some discussion, they decided Eastern Time Zone (EDT and EST) are the ones they want series to follow for the main series page.

I hope this answers your question.
I live in the central time zone and I watched it at 9 pm tonight. Hope you got to watch. It was fantastic.
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