The Block

Sunday 6:30 PM on The Nine Network Premiered May 01, 2003 In Season


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  • Renovation along with a bit of drama... I love it!

    Four couples renovating four apartments...
    The Australian version works fabulously well, where the prize is something to fight for and where you get more involved in the personalities. You get your favourite couple and someone to count as least popular.
    Naturally, not everything is shown on TV, and the crew definitely decides who to make to the beauty and who to have as the beast.

    In Sweden, where I live, a production company decided to make a similar show, but apparently, there must be sunny weather to appreciate it, at least for me. The Swedish copy was not as fun because of how little time, and money, the couples would have to spend renovating the apartments. Also, they did not get the chance to hire builders, but had to do almost everything on their own.

    In the Australian version, there are more intrigues and more pranks, but also more friendship between most of the couples.
    I find it very amusing to watch someone renovate while competing, in comparison to every show where repair people are working, with something an unprofessional like me never could do as good in real life. The Block presents renovation on a level I can relate to, and it makes the renovation amusing, even though not everything is made the very best in the eyes of a professional!