The Blue Planet

Discovery Channel (ended 2002)


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  • From the continental coasts to the deepest parts of the world... the BBC provides an unbelievable educational experience.

    The BBC has put together one of the most elaborate and brilliant educational nature programs I have ever seen. This short series takes you through eight episodes that ranges from the open ocean to frozen seas to tidal seas and even to the coral seas. These hour long episodes inform you about the ocean life in each specific area, mating habbits, food chains, and the overall life cycle. The BBC provides some of the most beautiful and amazing footage ever captures with a camara. If you are fans of such films as March of the Penguins and Winged Migration then this series is definately for you. This is a show the whole family can enjoy.

    Final Rating is 9.5/10!
  • Wow!

    Absolutely flipping amazing! I have recently bought the DVD box set as well and it still amazes me. It was well worth the $10 million dollars or whatever it was to make. However, after watching the program, I am absolutely terrified of going anywhere out to sea! Its waaaaay too scary!
  • Hosted by David Attenborough, this fantasic documentary journeyed through the abyss, bringing unseen footage of some of the most bizaar and wierd creatures to our screens.

    The Blue Planet was a once in a life time experience to view an amazing sight.
    Many of the sea creatures filmed had never been seen by the human eye before and felt incredible to be able to see and enjoy them.

    The show has flipped upside down the study of biology, witht the discovery of plants right at the bottom of the sea, that surivive without sunlight.

    The show was absolutely fantastic and was only made even better by the exellent narrater, the origonal animal documentary narrator himslef, David Attenborugh was there as well. He is truely the best of all the narrators that we have, and long may ne continue.

    The Blue Planet sadly only screened one series, but alot of money was invested into it, the quality of which is unmatched, but a new sea documentary, The Deep Blue will be airing soon in the UK, not sure if Mr.Attenborough will be narrating yet.