The Bluffers

Channel 4 (ended 1987)


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The Bluffers

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Welcome to The Bluffers guide at The Bluffers are friendly forest creatures who dwell in the land of Bluffunia, which was once a beautiful, untainted place of peace and tranquillity, until the evil tycoon, Clandestino transformed most of Bluffunia into a technology-ridden wasteland, within his evil fortress, Clandestino plots his wicked agendas, confident that he is keeping the Bluffers docile and afraid. But Bluffunia residents were not about to give up, led by the brave rabbit Zip, the Bluffers fight to preserve what's left of their home, and to drive out Cladestino for good, during their adventures, they learn many lessons about life and what is the right and what is wrong. On occasion, the wise Owl Zock will provide the Bluffers with guidance, advise, and riddles that will aid them in working out their own problems The Bluffers are also obsessed with discovering Cladestino's most closely guarded secret, "The Secret of getting it all", with the firm belief that it will help them restore Bluffunia to it's once majestic state. The Bluffers Theme Song You're just a bluffer, a candle snuffer, Can't get enough of your dreams A half a buffer, a pillow stuffer You're bound to suffer it seems Your head is full of steam - To turn the world around. But all your fancy dreams Are from the lost and found Are from the lost and foundmoreless