The Bob Cummings Show

NBC (ended 1959)


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The Bob Cummings Show

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1940s film star Bob Cummings squeezed the last bit of career out his fame with this network-hopping sitcom. Cummings plays Bob Collins, a hot photographer we're supposed to believe is a freewheeling playboy, living in squeaky clean 1950s Hollywood. Bob's business consists almost exclusively of shooting glamour girls, who Bob pursues with a singleness of purpose. Bob rarely gets further than a peck on the cheek, thanks to his his home life, where he lives and is outwitted by his sister, Margaret, played by Rosemary DeCamp, who is determined to get Bob paired off. Also at home is Bob's nephew and surrogate son Chuck, played Dwayne Hickman, with matinee idol looks. Chuck often gets involved in Bob's schemes, doing his best to land a model for himself. At work, the brilliant Ann B. Davis milks the limited writing for more laughs than the words deserve, playing Bob's office girl, Schultzy. Schultzy only has eyes for Bob, but Bob just sees her as one of the boys. (Schultzy would later move to the valley and work as a live-in maid for the Brady family.) Also in hot-but-pointless pursuit is Pamela Livingston, played by character actress Nancy Kulp -- Miss Jane from the Beverly Hillbillies -- honing her own version of the comic spinster act. Bob jumped from network to network in his four-year run. Audiences liked Bob, but didn't quite love him enough to give him the longevity of Lucy. Credibility suffered as the rapidly aging Cummings tried to work the young cad angle for too long.


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