The Bob Hope Show

NBC (ended 1975)





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  • Only one man has ever achieved the worldwide success of most influential and popular entertainer of the 20th Century and that would be Bob Hope.

    Bob Hope had those old cliched jokes and cornball skits on his shows but he had alot of heart too. The variety of entertainment giants and political figures from around the world all joined in for some fun with Bob. Movie stars, singers, comedians, religious leaders, sports stars, astronauts, you name it Bob had them as guests. Nowhere today will you be able to see this kind of talent gathered for a fun romp for all to enjoy. His USO tours and shows are lengendary and captured in some earlier shows of his. Bob Hope had the charm and niceness that everyone loved. If you haven't seen an old classic Bob Hope show, I recommend you rent one or buy one. Thanks for the memory Bob!