The Bob Hope Show - Season 1

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • April 8, 1951
    April 8, 1951
    Episode 10

    From New York. Bob is joined by Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer, Janis Paige, Frank "Sugar Chile" Robinson, Arthur Treacher, and in cameo appearances Ken Murray, Ed Wynn, Tex & Jinx Falkenberg, Toots Shor, Faye Emerson, Imogene Coca & Sid Caesar, Eddie Cantor, Jimmy Durante, and Frank Sinatra for an hour of music and comedy.

  • March 20, 1951
    March 20, 1951
    Episode 9
    Bob Hope welcomes guests Marilyn Maxwell and Jack Kirkwood to the show. Les Brown conducts the band and Hy Averback is the announcer. Highlights: Marilyn sings "A Penny A Kiss".
  • February 27, 1957
    February 27, 1957
    Episode 8
    Host Bob Hope with vocals by Jack Kirkwood and announcer Hy Averback.
  • December 21, 1950
    December 21, 1950
    Episode 6

    From New York, Bob is joined by Robert Cummings, Lily Pons, Robert Maxwell, Betty Bruce, NYC Mayor Impelleterri, and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for an hour of music and comedy. Highlights: Hope and Cummings play department store Santas all meeting together on a subway train. Carols sung by a boys' choir rounds out the hour.

  • November 26, 1950
    November 26, 1950
    Episode 5

    From New York, Bob Hope welcomes guests Marilyn Maxwell, Jimmy Wakely, Judy Kelly, the magnificent dance duo The Hi-Hatters, and The Taylor Maids for an hour of music and comedy.


  • September 21, 1950
    September 21, 1950
    Episode 4
    Bob Hope's guests include best friend Bing Crosby, Doris Day and the Les Brown Orchestra conducts.
  • September 14, 1950
    September 14, 1950
    Episode 3
    Bob Hope's guests are Lucille Ball, Dinah Shore, Bob Crosby and the Jack Cole Dancers. Also Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Highlights: Bob Crosby (Bing's brother) sings "There'll Always Be a Crosby, But We're Running Out of Hopes".
  • May 27, 1950
    May 27, 1950
    Episode 2

    Bob Hope's guests are Frank Sinatra, making his first appearance on television, songstress Peggy Lee and returning for her second appearance, Beatrice Lillie. From New York, Bob Hope is joined by the extraordinary dance team of Condos & Brandow, ballet icons Michael Kidd and Janet Reed along with other members of the New York Ballet, Arnold Stang, David Burns, The DeMarlos, Bill Hayes, Leila Hyer, Louise Kirtland, Jack Russell, Tom Avera, Sylvia Miles, Dennis James, Wendell Niles, and Milton Berle in a cameo role. Highlights: A sketch titled "The Road to Frigidaire" based on the Hope-Bing Crosby running feud is acted out. Beatrice Lillie does a take-off of Dorothy Lamour from the Road to series. Peggy Lee sings "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered". Milton Berle shows up in drag making a play for Bob.

  • April 9, 1950
    April 9, 1950
    Episode 1

    Bob Hope's debut in the "Star Spangled Revue" with guests Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Dinah Shore, Beatrice Lillie and Hal LeRoy. Also appearing are Maurice Rocco, the Mexico City Boys Choir and the Jack Cole Dancers. Highlights: Bob Hope and Dinah Shore sing a rendition of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" set in an igloo. "Dragalong Cavendish," an Anglicized version of "Hopalong Cassidy." Dinah Shore sings "I Didn't Know What Time It Was".