The Bob Hope Show - Season 10

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • April 20, 1960
    April 20, 1960
    Episode 6
    Bob Hope's guests for the final show of the season are James Garner, Patti Page and Joan Caulfield. Also with Les Brown and His Band of Renown. Highlights: In a skit, Bob is a fat comic (he keeps bread in his golf bag, bologna in the lamp base, etc.) with Joan Caulfield assisting. Bob is a psychiatrist with Jim Garner as the patient who is asked to choose between Joi Lansing in a bathing suit and a horse. Bob as a beatnik with James (in a turtleneck sweater down to his ankles) as his bongo-playing protege. Patti joins Bob in a duet Patti sings "2223 Miles" and "Misty". Bob sings an oldie of his, "I Can't Get Started With You".moreless
  • February 22, 1960
    February 22, 1960
    Episode 5
    Bob Hope's guests are Ginger Rogers, Wally Cox, golfer Jimmy Demaret, and the winners from the Photoplay Magazine Gold Medal Awards; Millie Perkins, Troy Donahue, Producer Ross Hunter and Director Michael Gordon. With the David Rose Orchestra. Highlights: Bob, Ginger and Wally do a sketch titled "Life in the Afternoon". Bob and Ginger duet on "Ballin' the Jack". Ginger performs "I Got Rhythm".moreless
  • January 13, 1960
    January 13, 1960
    Episode 4
    Bob Hope entertained troops in Alaska for Christmas. Bob Hope's guests include Jayne Mansfield, TV Western star Steve McQueen and his wife, dancer Neile Adams, singer Frances Langford, zany Jerry Colonna, musician Tony Romano, dancer Patty Thomas, actor Peter Leeds and the Skinnay Ennis Orchestra. Highlights: Patty Thomas and Bob Hope dance "Bear dance". Frances Langford sings "Night and Day". A Japanese sketch is performed by Hope, McQueen, Leeds. Jayne Mansfield sings "I've Got a Crush on You." "If I Had My Way" is performed by Bob Hope, Jerry Colonna and Tony Romano. Neile Adams performs "I Enjoy Being a Girl". All join in for "Standing on the Corner". Frances Langford sings "Silent Night".moreless
  • December 11, 1959
    December 11, 1959
    Episode 3
    Bob Hope's guests are Rhonda Fleming, Ernie Kovacs, Janis Paige and Rod Lauren. Also with Les Brown and His Band of Renown. Highlights: Bob Hope's Holiday Show. Rhonda Fleming appears in a sketch with Bob entitled "The Beverly Hills Burglar". Janis Paige sings and dances "Lullaby of Broadway". Janis and Bob do a beatnik comedy sketch. Rod Lauren sings "If I Had a Girl". Rod will sing and dance aided by pretty chorines Patty Thomas and Marjorie Gramer. Ernie is in a feature sketch with Bob entitled "Home With a View", in which Ernie sells Bob a seemingly desirable piece of property in the Hollywood Hills but it turns out that the house has a shaky foundation.moreless
  • November 9, 1959
    November 9, 1959
    Episode 2
    Bob Hope's guests are Patti Page, James Darren, Zsa Zsa Gabor, May Britt and the Hollywood Deb Stars of 1959 with Deb Star Yvette Mimieux. Also Les Brown and His Band of Renown. Highlights: Patti Page sings "Goodbye Charlie" and "Small World". Bob Hope and James Darren predict the top tunes of 1980 in a song-skit. Patti and Bob perform "I Never Met a Singer - Any Singer Who Didn't Think He Could Dance". Shifting the scene to Japan, the romantic Bob and exotic Patti Page promise to evoke chuckles while May Britt prepares for her role as a sultry temptess in a spoof of "Twilight Zone". Zsa Zsa introduces the Hollywood Deb Stars - and Hope introduces her as their den mother.moreless
  • October 8, 1959
    October 8, 1959
    Episode 1

    Bob Hope's guests are Dean Martin, Natalie Wood, The Crosby Brothers and David Rose and his Orchestra. Highlights: Bob starts right out with his monologue and Khrushchev is included in those one-liners of his. The three Crosby boys snap to "Mack The Knife," and hoke it up with Hope in a sketch playing old men to Bob's everlasting youth. Dean Martin raises his eyebrows to "Evening in Roma," and makes love to Natalie Wood in a gondolier bit. There's also a gangster takeoff with Hope as a hood and the Crosby boys his henchmen.