The Bob Hope Show - Season 11

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • May 13, 1961
    May 13, 1961
    Episode 8
    Bob Hope's guests include James Garner, Julie London, Juliet Prowse and Peter Leeds. Highlights: Bob spoofs kooky killers, terpsichorean tycoons and the Los Angeles Angels. The killer appears in a parody of a recent psychological movie. The title "Weirdo." In "Bunions to Billions," the tycoon is a dancer from Broadway who makes her mark on Wall Street. In "Ozark Angel," a baseball talent scout finds a pitching phenomenon in them thar hills. There's also singing and dancing. Roland Dupree supplied Juliet with the choreography for "Tequila." David Rose and his orchestra back up Julie as she sings "In The Wee Small Hours" and joins Bob for "Two Sleepy People."moreless
  • April 12, 1961
    April 12, 1961
    Episode 7
    Bob Hope's guests are James Darren, Phil Harris and Patti Page. With the David Rose Orchestra. Highlights: Bob and Patti portray a giddy couple with their own "Population Explosion", 16 offspring. Patti, Bob and Phil join in "The Last Angry Husband", a satire in which the eternal triangle is bent out of shape. Patti Page sings "Dondi" and "Darktown Strutters Ball". Bob and Phil perform "Hey, Look Me Over". James Darren performs "Gidget Goes Hawaiian" and "Wild About that Gal".moreless
  • February 15, 1961
    February 15, 1961
    Episode 6
    Bob Hope presents this hour dedicated to presenting awards to the Sporting World's Best. Presenting the awards are Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman, Dana Andrews, Lucille Ball, Julie London, Jayne Mansfield, Dean Martin, Ginger Rogers, Tuesday Weld, and Esther Williams. Award recipients are Joe Bellino, Norm Van Brocklin, Wilt Chamberlain, Pancho Gonzales, Dick Groat, Rafer Johnson, Roger Maris, Arnold Palmer, Floyd Patterson, Jerry Lucas, and Barry Mackay.moreless
  • January 11, 1961
    January 11, 1961
    Episode 5

    USO Xmas Show from throughout the Caribbean. Bob Hope's guests are Andy Williams, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Janis Paige, Jerry Colonna and Anita Bryant.

    From Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba.
    Bob and Janis sing a duet from "The Facts of Life".
    Andy Williams sings "You Don't Want Love".
    Bob and Andy duet with "Caribbean Hit Parade".
    Anita Bryant sings "Paper Roses".
    All join in for "Silent Night".

  • December 12, 1960
    December 12, 1960
    Episode 4

    Bob Hope's guests are Jimmy Durante & Polly Bergen.

    Hope and guests score in a bit wearing baby clothes and singing "Triplets".
    A sketch with Durante and Hope playing TV stars that are locked in at night by their networks, spoofing a popular TV series Durante playing "Aquanose, the Underwater Detective". Bob comments that Jimmy has his own built-in snorkel.
    Also a piece on "Lady Tallywogger's Boo-Boo" and a foreign spy skit.
    Jimmy Durante sings "September Song" reminiscent of the late Walter Huston's version.
    Polly sings "The Man That Got Away" ala Judy Garland.

  • November 16, 1960
    November 16, 1960
    Episode 3

    From the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Bob Hope's guests are Steve McQueen, Neile Adams and Kay Starr. Also Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

    Kay Starr sings "Some Day".
    Neile Adams sings "My Heart Belongs to Daddy".
    In sketches, Cadet "Crazy Nose" Hope and Steve "Flash" McQueen flirt with the general's daughter Kay Starr, plays a football hero and flies solo.
    The Cadet Chorus turns up at the finale.

  • October 22, 1960
    October 22, 1960
    Episode 2
    Bob Hope Buick Special: Potomac Madness. Bob's guests are Ginger Rogers, Perry Como, Herb Vigran, Lisa Davis, Peter Leeds, J. Edward McKinley, Charlie Lung, Eddie Marr, Stephen Chase, Lyle Moraine, Milton Frome and Frank Barton. With David Rose And His Orchestra. Highlights: An original political farce with music. Bob Hope, Ginger Rogers and Perry Como star in this political satire about an unscrupulous Washington hostess whose hobby is putting people into positions of political power.moreless
  • October 3, 1960
    October 3, 1960
    Episode 1
    Bob Hope's guests are Joan Crawford, Bobby Darin and Patti Page. Highlights: Bobby Darin sings "Artificial Flowers" and "Lazy River". Patti Page & Bobby Darin duet on "Two Different Worlds". Bobby does a medley with Bob of "Thanks for the Memories", "Mack the Knife" and "Two Sleepy People". Bob, Patti and Bobby perform a sketch of a waterfront Hong Kong nightclub.moreless