The Bob Hope Show - Season 12

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • April 25, 1962
    April 25, 1962
    Episode 6
    Bob Hope's guests are Janis Paige, Dorothy Lamour and Frank Sinatra. Highlights: Bob opens up with a barrage of quips on income taxes, the aftermath of the Academy Awards, Liz Taylor and the Kennedys. There's a long standup routine with Bob and Frank Sinatra. Frank and Bob duet with "Small Fry". Frank solos with "Goody, Goody". Janis Paige dances. Dorothy Lamour reminisces with Bob about those old road movies they made with Crosby and show clips of the old films. In addition Bob includes a tape of a dog skit done years ago called "This Is Your Life, Lassie".moreless
  • March 22, 1962
    March 22, 1962
    Episode 4
    Bob Hope's guests are Ethel Merman, Maximillian Schell, Piper Laurie and Fabian. Also with David Rose and His orchestra. Highlights: Bob has some quips about Jackie Kennedy's tour. Ethel Merman stars in the main skit, a take-off on "A Majority of One," titled "Call Me Butterfly." She plays a movie slar who goes to Japan, with Bob as her Japanese landlord. Ethel and Bob recreate their duet ot "It's De-Lovely," which they did in Broadway's "Red, Hot and Blue" in 1938. Ethel also has a medley of "smile" songs. Fabian duets with Bob on "Tiger". Piper Laurie and Maximillian Schell talk abou the Oscar Awards and all join in for a broad sketch ribbing method acting. Oscar nominee Schell pretends he's an atomic warhead in a sketch. Ethel closes with "There's No Business Like Show Business".moreless
  • February 27, 1962
    February 27, 1962
    Episode 3
    Bob Hope's guests are Jack Paar, Joan Collins, Steve Allen, Joanie Sommers, Sid Melton, Robert Strauss and a cameo appearance Bing Crosby. David Rose and His orchestra Highlights: Bob, Steve and Jack in a skit called "The King and Us" discussing who will replace Jack Paar when he leaves the show. Bing Crosby makes a surprise guest appearance at the end of the sketch. A spoof on "Car 54" called "Bicycle 54, Are You There?" in which Steve and Bob play a British "Toody and Muldoon" working on the killing of Sir Roger Wilco. Joanie Sommers has a big production number as she sings "It's Love". Joan Collins plays the first woman customs inspector.moreless
  • January 24, 1962
    January 24, 1962
    Episode 2
    From Newfoundland, Labrador, Baffin Island, and Greenland. Bob Hope makes his annual tour to entertain service personnel at Christmastime. Appearing with Bob are Jayne Mansfield, Jerry Colonna, Dorothy Provine, Anita Bryant, Peter Leeds and Miss World Rosemarie Frankland. Highlights: Dorothy Provine sings and dances with Bob to the tune of "I'm In Love With You". Jerry and Bob play a couple of beatniks hitting on the girls. Bob and Jayne are in a very funny "Romeo and Juliet" sketch. Anita Bryant sings "Silent Night".moreless
  • December 13, 1961
    December 13, 1961
    Episode 1

    Bob Hope's guests are Danny Thomas, James Garner and Nancy Kwan. Also the 1961 Hollywood Deb Stars as well as the 1961 Look All-America Football Team. With Gary Collins, Lance Alworth, John Hadl and Roman Gabriel.

    Bob kids a few shows like "The Hustler" as he plays Rig Fats, a pool player with actor James Garner. Danny Thomas joins Hope in a takeoff on "Target: Corruptors," and Nancy Kwan helps Bob turning up as movie star Linda Cleavage. Also, a few gags about the traveling chimp.