The Bob Hope Show - Season 14

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • April 17, 1964
    April 17, 1964
    Episode 6
    Bob Hope's guests are Tony Randall, Martha Raye and Jack Jones. Highlights: Martha and Bob team up for a spoof of the movie Tom Jones, and Tony and Jack join in to present a new act, The Japanese Beatles. In the awards portion, TV Guide publisher James T. Quirk and Bob make the presentations in Hollywood.moreless
  • February 14, 1964
    February 14, 1964
    Episode 5

    Bob Hope's guests are Anne Bancroft, Sergio Franchi, Janet Leigh and singer Julie London. With Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

    Bob's monologue touches on smoking, the Beatles, golf, President Johnson and Red China.
    Hope and Sergio Franchi as a pair of Italian tenors singing their reactions to an automobile crash. (Hope did this skit years ago with Nelson Eddy).
    Hope as the First Man and Anne Bancroft as his wife, the country's first lady president.
    Hope as a man reaching his "Busting Point" as a result of carrying on with his wife (Janet Leigh) and his girlfriend (also Janet Leigh).
    Sergio Franchi sings "Marta".

  • January 17, 1964
    January 17, 1964
    Episode 4

    USO Xmas Show from Turkey, Greece, Crete, Libya, and aboard the USS Shangri-La. Appearing with Bob Hope are entertainers, Tuesday Weld, Jerry Colonna, Anita Bryant, John Bubbles, Phillip Crosby, Peter Leeds, The Earl Twins and Miss USA, Michelle Metrinko.

    The service men join Hope's crew singing "Silent Night".

  • December 13, 1963
    December 13, 1963
    Episode 3

    Bing Crosby and Jack Benny pinch-hit for the ailing Bob Hope. Danny Thomas and Juliet Prowse appear in a pre-recorded segment. The 1963 Look All-America Football Team, look for Dick Butkus and Carl Eller and six football "queens".

  • October 25, 1963
    October 25, 1963
    Episode 2

    Bob Hope's guests are Andy Griffith, Martha Raye, Jane Russell, Connie Haines, Beryl Davis and the Los Angeles Dodger stars Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale and Tommy Davis.

    Bob pokes fun at Valachi ("He's the star of I've Got a Secret") and Madae Nhu ("She's South Vietnam's answer to Zsa Zsa Gabor").
    Jane Russell, Beryl Davis and Connie Haines perform a nightclub act.
    Sketches with Martha Raye playing a Madame Poo who's just returned from a world trip.
    Andy Griffith as a lovable sheriff toying with Hope.
    Dodgers Sandy Koufax, Tommy Davis and Don Drysdale singing "We're In the Money".

  • September 27, 1963
    September 27, 1963
    Episode 1
    Bob Hope Comedy Special with guests Barbra Streisand, Tuesday Weld, Dean Martin and James Garner join Bob for an hour of music and comedy. With Les Brown and His Band of Renown. Highlights: Barbra sings "Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home" and "Gotta Move" and then joins Bob Hope in a sketch.moreless