The Bob Hope Show - Season 15

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • April 16, 1965
    April 16, 1965
    Episode 7

    Bob Hope's guests are Gina Lollobrigida, Frankie Avalon, Pete Fountain and Nancy Wilson.

    Gina Lollobrigida sings "Quando, Quando".
    Bob and Gina do an Italian takeoff of "My Fair Lady".
    Frankie Avalon sings and plays the role of a bum with Bob.
    Nancy Wilson sings "Who Can I Turn To".
    Pete Fountain performs "Georgia on My Mind".

  • March 26, 1965
    March 26, 1965
    Episode 6

    This special program of additional highlights of Bob Hope's Yuletide tour of Vietnam. Hope includes new monologue, some studio guests and additional highlights from six shows. Also shown will be activities during four tension-filled, top security days traveling through South Vietnam. Members of the troupe include Janis Paige, Jill St. John, Anita Bryant, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Jerry Colonna, John Bubbles, Ann Sidney and Les Brown.

    More footage on Hope's Southeast Asia tour last Christmas. There are shots of the Pleiku raid and the resulting damage, plus newsreel footage of Marines being entertained in Okinawa and arriving in Viet Nam.
    Cartoonist Bill Mauldin gives his version of the February 7th Pleiku attack and sees films of his son, Bill Jr., a pilot at Pleiku.
    Bob quips about the astronauts, the Russian cosmonauts and the upcoming Hollywood Oscars in his opening monologue.

  • February 12, 1965
    February 12, 1965
    Episode 5

    Bob Hope's guests are Carroll Baker, Johnny Carson, Frankie Avalon, Louis Prima, Jack Jones, Gia Malone, Sam Butera and The Witnesses.

    Bob Hope interviews Johnny Carson who's playing a celebrity all decked out in a spotted leopard coat.
    A take-off on "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." with sexy Carroll Baker.
    Jack Jones sings and twists with Bob.
    The Louis Prima group performs "That Old Black Magic".

  • January 15, 1965
    January 15, 1965
    Episode 4

    Bob Hope's annual tour overseas: this time he hits Southeast Asia: Korea, Guam, the Philippines, Okinawa and Vietnam. Bob's guests are Jill St. John, Janis Paige, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Jerry Colonna, Anita Bryant, Peter Leeds, Vauudevillian John Bubbles and Ann Sidney (Miss World/Misss Australia).

    Jill St. John twisting "The Swim" with eager GI's from the audience.
    Janis Paige performs a dance number of "The Best is Yet to Come".
    Anita Bryant sings "Hello, Dolly!".
    Anna Maria Alberghetti rendering a medley from "Carnival".
    Ann Sidney (Miss World 1964) joins Bob in a duet of "Oh, You Beautiful Doll".
    Comedy bits by Jerry Colonna, John Bubbles and Peter Leeds.
    Glimpses of the party the King and Queen of Thailand threw for the cast.

  • December 18, 1964
    December 18, 1964
    Episode 3

    Bob's guests are Nancy Wilson, James Garner, Martha Raye, Kathryn Crosby and The Beach Boys. With Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

    The Beach Boys perform "Dance, Dance, Dance".
    Nancy Wilson sings "I'm Beginning to See the Light" and "The Music That Makes Me Dance".
    James Garner plays Santa Claus who is shot down over Moscow.
    Martha and Bob do a takeoff on "Pitiful Place" (Peyton Place).
    Bob spoofs TV commercials as "King of Commercials".

  • November 20, 1964
    November 20, 1964
    Episode 2

    Bob Hope's guests are Dr. Kildare star Richard Chamberlain, Annette Funicello, Donald O'Connor, Stella Stevens and singer Trini López. With Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

    Annette Funicello sings "The Clyde".
    Trini López sings "Jezebel".
    Bob & Trini duet on "Hello Dolly!"
    Sketch with Bob and Stella demonstrating an in-flight floor show.
    Donald O'Connor as a demon knife-thrower and Bob as a demon target.
    Richard Chamberlain as a Nipponese gunslinger in a comedic Japanese Western skit.
    "The Young at Heart" background music by Les Brown Orchestra.

  • September 25, 1964
    September 25, 1964
    Episode 1

    Bob Hope's guests for his 15th Season opener are Dean Martin, Jack Benny, Milton Berle and Phyllis Diller.

    Dean Martin performs "Everybody Loves Somebody".
    Phyllis and Bob do a slapstick sketch on TV monster shows, Bob portrays The Bat, an out-of-work ghoul constantly at war with his prickly tongued wife Cynthia Witch (Phyllis) and The Atomic Chicken, a successful TV boogeyman (Milton).
    Jack Benny and Phyllis perform a skit of a couple seeing a marriage counselor played by Bob.
    Milton and Bob crack political jokes right and left.